Wall of Sound TV Episode 1: The Return of Summer Festivals – Has Launched!

Remember the iconic era of music TV channels and shows, with eccentric and knowledgeable hosts, who filled your alternative music loving soul with the greatest of pleasures and opened your eyes to a wide array of new bands? Well, get ready to relive the glory years (in 2022) with the official announcement of Wall of Sound TV – streaming now via YouTube!

The entire music industry came to a catastrophic halt with the pandemic and following two years of postponements, cancellations and frustrations for bands, fans, organisers and industry professionals alike, the clouds cleared and music festivals were welcomed back with open arms (and face masks) by thousands of keen and eager fans – and we were there every step of the way alongside them.

From Knight and Day Festival in Ballarat on New Year’s Eve, UNIFY Forever in March all the way through to the ill-fated Full Tilt Festival run (which only managed to get 2 of their 4 festivals across the line in the end) – we didn’t realise how much we needed these events until they were taken away from us abruptly. The debut pilot for Wall of Sound TV Episode 1 takes us back to the second we were welcomed back through the gates, into a world of the unknown, yet somewhat strangely familiar, and how music fans and their fav bands navigated that journey together.

But, what’s a killer new concept without a couple of hosts to go along with it? Get to know the dynamic duo of Paul ‘Browny’ Brown and Ebony Story!

Browny (written by Ebony)

Browny is a very high energy, incredible person (if you’ve met him, you know). His creativity is off the charts, and he always wants to create exciting and engaging content that encourages involvement from everyone. I first met Browny in person at UNIFY Gathering 2019, and he managed to hug me even with a beer in each hand, and since then he’s become the best and most supportive and encouraging mentor.

Browny’s passion for music and bands is extreme—have you seen his Beartooth vinyl collection?? In all seriousness though, he always wants to shine a light on a young band that is doing exciting things and does everything in his power to make sure bands who deserve it get exposure through Wall of Sound. This new venture is completely his brainchild, so watch out world, he’s unstoppable.

Ebony (written by Browny)

Ebony is one of the most dedicated and hard-working journalists I’ve ever met. From her eagerness to try new things – like launching her own podcast series (and scoring some eyebrow-raising guests in the process), through to jumping in the deep end in front of a camera for the first time as part of this project – she takes to the job at hand and executes it with precision… like a metal head leading the charge during a wall of death.

Ebony’s passion for the music she adores needs to be recognised. Her in-depth storytelling and education through words (written and spoken) captivate your attention and intrigue you from start to finish. There have been many occasions where I’ve gone from not knowing a band, to learning all about their backstory and legacy through her informative reviews, articles and especially her interviews.

It’s been an honour sharing this journey with her and I cannot wait to see where we end up now that the snowball has officially started rolling!

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Also featuring the creative minds of Third Eye Visuals, Chamberlain Media and an exclusive collaboration between Gold Coast guitarist/producer BM Sanchez of upcoming metal act Chaos Awaits, alongside brother Aaron Jenkins (aka BRNDNW), the mastermind behind the drums you’ll hear in our EPIC theme song, the Wall of Sound team have gone hard to deliver what we hope to be the beginning of a rebirth of a much-needed media outlet for music fans to relive their favourite festival moments, discover new bands and finally see the best upcomers in the scene getting the recognition they deserve, in an online (for now) music TV show-esque setting.

Stuff the mainstream naysayers, we’re here to show them all how it’s done.

Wall of Sound TV – Episode 1
The Return of Summer Festivals

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