BREAKING: Is An Australian/New Zealand Metallica Tour Coming in December 2022?

UPDATE November 1st: I reached out to Metricon Stadium, who told me they weren’t aware of Metallica being at their venue. They asked where the information was (Pollstar website) and left it at that. I would say this is debunked, but, I’ll keep an eye out regardless.

This is currently taking my Sunday night attention away from the TV, but it seems as if a Metallica Australian/New Zealand Tour is set to be announced for December 2022… Normally I’d laugh and say they need more time, but this is Metallica we’re talking about. However, there are a couple of contradictions that may indicate it’s not happing but could be coming at a later date… And since my prediction about their last (ill-fated) 2019 tour was actually right in the end, I’ma go for 2/2 with this band.

I’m semi-familiar with the website – they’re like a new version of bands-in-town, a directory website/reference to upcoming shows/tours in or around your local area. That’s where these shows are currently listed. See the reference below:

wall of sound metallica 2022 tour wall of sound

It has the band touring Australia and New Zealand with the following dates from commencement:

Australian Dates

December 10 @ Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney NSW
December 11 @ Optus Stadium, Fremantle WA*
December 13 @ Entertainment Centre, Brisbane QLD
December 15 @ MCG, Melbourne VIC

December 27 @ Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast QLD

*Optus Stadium is in Perth not Freo!

New Zealand

December 17 @ Eden Park Stadium, Auckland NZ
December 20 @ Sky Stadium, Wellington NZ
December 22 @ Orangetheory Stadium, Christchurch NZ
December 24 @ Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin NZ

Obviously the glaring omission is no show for Adelaide, but to the untrained eye, these dates could match up.

That is until you realise the MCG has a cricket game on December 16th. The question stumping both KJ Draven and I is, with a league of stagehand teams involved, could you pack down a Metallica MCG show, (stages, scaffolding and all the additional bits) overnight ready for gameplay the next day?

I’m not a cricket fan, but even that sounds like a challenge.

The other factor on that though, could be the game being delayed or moved to another city to accommodate the Metallica tour, but, once again, I’m not a cricket fan and dunno the logistics involved with doing that.

The page set up for the show is written/drafted like your typical official event, with information such as:

Location: Metallica | Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
Tour Synopsis: American heavy metal band phenomenon Metallica on their biggest ever tour of Australia – 2022.

Similar shows/dates: You may also like the following events from Metallicafans:

This December, 10th December, 07:00 pm, Metallica | Sydney, Qudos Bank Arena in Marrickville

This December, 11th December, 11:00 am, Metallica – Live in Perth in Online

The simplistic synopsis has me erring on the side of caution, as it’s not exactly what I’d write (could be put together by a suit), but it could also be a simple placeholder statement for someone to come back and fix later. Considering the fact Metallica also have a show lined up for December 16 2022 in LA (thanks to the WoS readers for pointing this out), I don’t see them doing a full tour here in December of this year. 

In this case, that could mean 2023 for the December dates advertised. 

American heavy metal band phenomenon Metallica on their biggest ever tour of Australia – 2022.

But, another source has been passed onto us which indicates that Metricon Stadium, the venue for the Gold Coast show, is set to undergo a name change according to website Pollstar. They say Metallica will be playing the Stadium alongside currently announced shows:

Guns N’ Roses play there Nov. 24, followed by Festival X Nov. 27; Metallica, Dec. 27; and Harry Styles, Feb. 28.

The plot thickens…

As with everything with these kinds of articles, take it with a grain of salt.  The dates look to be submitted also by a group called Metallicafans, who may have got access to early dates and submitted them online. It happens, but it could also be someone wanting to have a laugh… to which I say, just make a fake tour poster bro, it’s less work.

As with everything, we’ll keep you posted on this and see if it goes anywhere.

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