The Gloom In The Corner Go Epic with ‘From Heaven To Hell’

The Gloom In The Corner Trinity

There is a wild, wild record on the horizon for heavy music fans. Recently, Melburnians The Gloom In The Corner dropped a bomb on us all, announcing a whole bunch of awesome stuff. Said stuff included their signing to SharpTone Records, that their new album is called Trinity and will be out on 28 October. But that’s not all, have you seen the features on that tracklist (scroll down for that one)? To keep the adrenaline pumping, the metalcore movers and shakers also dropped ‘Ronin‘ with Crystal Lake‘s Ryo Kinoshita.

Today, the concept album gets more legs as we hear new single ‘From Heaven To Hell‘ which also happens to be the opener. The second Trinity track invites a clean-vocal effort from vocalist Mikey Arthur with an ominous extended intro which is ultimately a stadium track and will be a great setlist opener for the album’s touring cycle too. “Welcome to the rabbit hole” – as told in the breakdown-wrapped-lyrics where you get prepared for the story yet to come.

But for those eager to know more, Mikey shared a bit o info with us to get you up to speed:

‘From Heaven To Hell’ drops you into the world of The Rabbit Hole, a world we’ve been teasing since the end of our EP ‘Homecoming’ (2017). Throughout the vid, we recap the deaths and stories of 3 characters who died in the previous arc, and their progression into this hellscape, becoming the main protagonists (for lack of a better term) moving forward in the story, with a cheeky little cameo from previous characters to help rejig the lovers of our lore’s memories.

For those who are coming in after ‘Ronin’ expecting another heavy song, all I can state is, uhh… “well do you like jazz?”

The Gloom In The Corner recently toured Australia with Fit For An Autopsy and when we spoke to frontman Joe Bad (check it out here), he shared that he’s on one of the features on Trinity ‘Hail To The King‘. If that’s not enough to get you keen as f*ck for this album, then keep scrolling.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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The Gloom In The Corner Trinity

The Gloom In The Corner – Trinity tracklisting

1. From Heaven To Hell
2. Obliteration Imminent feat. Monique Pym of Reliqa
3. Ronin feat. Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake
4. Black Rot feat. Monica Strut of The Last Martyr
5. New Order feat. Taylor Barber of Left To Suffer
6. Clutch feat. Amelia Duffield
7. Pandora’s Box feat. Lauren Babic of Red Handed Denial
8. Behemoth
9. Gravity
10. Red Clouds feat. Crystal Joilena, Elijah Witt of Cane Hill, Rachel Jeffreson
11. Nor Hell A Fury
12. Gatekeeper feat. Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King
13. Hail To The King feat. Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy

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