Behemoth Unearth Two Music Videos for ‘The Deathless Sun’

Behemoth 2022

Getting psyched for the new Behemoth record? OPVS CONTRA NATVRAM is building some momentum for its release on 16 September via Nuclear Blast, with a bunch of singles boiling to the surface. Nergal and his cronies have so far shared singles ‘Ov My Herculean Exile’ and ‘Off to War!

A third single has arrived called ‘The Deathless Sun‘ which is a nice contrast to the earlier singles, and features the kind of histrionic choral vocals and guitar playing that Behemoth have been famous for. It’s got a huge hook that fans will instantly grab onto. Hell you can probably chant along to some of the melodic solos. If anything it might be too catchy for long time fans, yearning for a return to pre-The Satanist darkness. It’s still black, but perhaps a slightly different shade. Charcoal probably, which is still pretty darn heavy and I reckon the world is ready for arena level black metal.

The new release contains not one, but two music videos for you to feast your eyes and ears on. The first video (see below) is their official narrative video showcasing the continuation of the album’s concept, as well as a second video below that where you can bring some popcorn to watch Behemoth perform live.

On the new single, Nergal comments:

“BEHEMOTH has been hating Christ in different ways since 1991, and we still manage to reinvent the wheel! We’re very proud to present our latest offering to that cause, ‘The Deathless Sun,’ from our upcoming new record. This track showcases aspects that many BEHEMOTH fans love about our music, plenty of aggression and melody. That contrast is the reason we decided to release TWO amazing videos to accompany this single release. One is very shocking…so shocking that we had to create a whole new video to release alongside it! Choose carefully! As always, I look forward to seeing your reaction, Legions. Enjoy the ride!”

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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Out 16 September via Nuclear Blast

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Behemoth – OPVS CONTRA NATVRAM tracklisting

1. Post-God Nirvana
2. Malaria Vvlgata
3. The Deathless Sun
4. Ov My Herculean Exile
5. Neo-Spartacvs
6. Disinheritance
7. Off To War!
8. Once Upon A Pale Horse
9. Thy Becoming Eternal
10. Versvs Christvs

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