Nikki Brumen – Blood Command ‘Living The Dream’

Now, everyone knows we’re a little bit keen on Blood Command, especially since our very own Nikki Brumen joined the band and moved all the way to Norway basically forever. And with their album, Praise Armageddonism, coming out on July 1st, we just had to call up Nikki to have a bit of a chat!

We spoke a bit about the fairytale that has been her life, what with being DMed about joining a band half way across the world. Nikki explains:

“When I was asked to join the band, I thought one day I’ll have to move over there. But you know, it wasn’t an immediate thought because I had a life in Melbourne. And then obviously, now that it’s become a reality, it’s pretty surreal. It’s very overwhelming to just move overseas, start a new life, give up everything in Melbourne, and then join a band and jump right into touring and albums coming out super soon. But it was a dream of mine. And I feel very lucky and very proud of myself that I’ve been able to achieve it.”

Nikki also had to work with previously written material and work on her vocals to get her to that point where she could perform the songs as they were intended to be tracked.

“Going into the studio I was able to prepare a lot because I was able to listen to the versions with the vocals on them already. And so with ‘Saturday City’ I went to a vocal coach, because at the start I was really scared I wasn’t going to be able to sing that high. That’s one of the highest songs. But I nailed it and I was really proud of myself because I put in the hard work. So, going into the studio, I had nothing to fear and nothing to be nervous about, because I put in the back work.”

To hear more about how Nikki worked with Blood Command being half way across the world, their new album, and the culty inspiration behind the lyrics, listen in!

Interview by Ebony Story

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Praise Praise Armageddonism blood command

Blood CommandPraise Armageddonism tracklisting

1. Praise Armageddonism (Awake Theme)
2. Saturday City
3. The End is Her
4. Everything You Love Will Burn
5. A Questionable Taste in Friends
6. A Villain’s Monologue
7. Nuns, Guns & Cowboys
8. I Just Want That Movie Ending
9. Burn the Blasphemer
10. Last Call for Heaven’s Gate

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