Blood Command – Praise Armageddonism (Album Review)

Praise Praise Armageddonism blood command

Blood Command – Praise Armageddonism
Released: July 1, 2022


Nikki Brumen // Vocals
Yngve Andersen // Guitar
Benjamin Berge // Guitar
Snorre Kilvaer // Bass
Sigurd Haakaas // Drums 



Have you heard of the Heaven’s Gate cult? Calling themselves a religion – they believed they would ascend to heaven in a spaceship, and in 1997 – 39 members killed themselves when the Hale-Bopp comet approached the earth. Some of their members stayed behind though, and if you go to their website, you’ll find reading material, videos and a contact email address. Years ago, I emailed them and got a reply. I genuinely cannot remember what I said nor the response and I couldn’t find the emails, but I remember feeling creeped out by the whole thing. 

Norwegian Death-pop band Blood Command says that much of their music thematically draws on Heaven’s Gate and the idea that if you’re with the band, you’re with them until the end (sans the suicide pact, hopefully). Let’s take a look at the band’s latest album Praise Armageddonism the first with ex-Pagan vocalist Nikki Brumen. 

Starting with dark tones and a sermon sample is the title track, ‘Praise Armageddonism (Awake Theme)’, which then breaks into break-neck-paced instruments and Nikki’s screams. This album is full of insanely catchy hooks, a mix of furious instruments and fun melodies and this song really sets the tone. ‘Saturday City’ brings the fun vibes – such a dancey song! Nikki switches up her vocals from clean to harsh but still melodic and doesn’t actually scream – I love how she sounds on this song. This will be such a fun time in live sets. 

Next is the single ‘The End is Her’. As far as catchy choruses go, this one is right up there. This song’s drums from Sigurd Haakaas are incredible, and it’s full of funky basslines from Snorre Kilvaer. Heavy vocals come back in ​​’Everything You Love Will Burn’, a fast and furious song with fantastic jarring instruments, especially the guitars. ‘A Questionable Taste In Friends’ has an awesome intro, parts that feel a bit ska-ish and great harmonies in the chorus. Next up is the single ‘A Villain’s Monologue’. I talk a lot about basslines because I bloody love them and ‘A Villain’s Monologue’ has one of the best. This song is just so great and will be another that will be super fun to see live. 

The bangers continue – ‘Nuns, Guns & Cowboys’ sees some heavy drum action, and ‘​​I Just Want That Movie Ending’ brings the heartfelt story of unrequited love with more pained vocals set to a fun, dancey melody. There’s also an incredible guitar solo towards the end. ‘Burn The Blasphemer’ brings darker feels and then the album is closed out by the epic ‘Last Call for Heaven’s Gate’, which gives us the treat of some sexy saxophone alongside heavy instruments. The song also changes halfway, the sax remains, but it becomes sexy and slinky and feels mambo-ish? I don’t know my dances, but it feels like something Gomez and Morticia Addams would dance to. This is a wild but perfect end to the album.

Honestly, this album is so great – I adore it. It’s so fun, and this band’s sound is great. They describe it as Death Pop, and there is no more fitting term. It’s heavy in parts, full of crashing instruments, and so catchy, fun and poppy simultaneously. Death Pop may be my new favourite genre. 

I cannot wait to see these guys when they are here for Good Things Festival, and you one hundred per cent need to get into this band. Listen to Nikki chatting all about the band’s maiden voyage down under on the latest Up Against The Wall podcast here!

Blood Command – Praise Armageddonism tracklisting:

1. Praise Armageddonism (Awake Theme)
2. Saturday City
3. The End is Her
4. Everything You Love Will Burn
5. A Questionable Taste in Friends
6. A Villain’s Monologue
7. Nuns, Guns & Cowboys
8. I Just Want That Movie Ending
9. Burn the Blasphemer
10. Last Call for Heaven’s Gate

Rating: 8 / 10
Praise Armageddonism is out Friday via Hassel Record. Pre-Order here
Review By – Cait Mac @cait_2tone 

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