Betraying The Martyrs – Silver Lining (EP Review)

Betraying The Martyrs Silver Lining tracklist

Betraying The Martyrs – Silver Lining EP
Released: June 24, 2022


Rui Martins // Vocals
Victor Guillet // Keyboards & Backup Vox
Baptiste Vigier // Rhythm Guitar
Steeves Hostin // Lead Guitar
Valentin Hauser // Bass
Boris le Gal // Drums



Hi all, I’m new to the Betraying The Martyrs family, but thanks to our deathcore king Ricky Aarons, I learned all about the boys following the departure of ex-frontman Aaron Matts, who left the group amicably and started up ten56. not long after. BTM wasn’t going to wave the white flag in defeat and soon after announced Rui Martins as their new vocalist with the stellar release ‘Black Hole‘ – which has been in my On Repeat playlist since it came out in October last year! No word of a lie. So, how does this new five-track EP stack up? Let’s find out!

Opening with the aforementioned single, ‘Black Hole‘ is pure metalcore perfection with its balance of cleans, screams and that gurn-inducing breakdown that still slaps eight months after we first heard it. The guitars are on point and the drumming compliments the djent-core riffage throughout with the menacing keys creating a sense of tension from start to finish. It’s anthemic and I cannot wait to see this is a live setting.

Pressure‘ wastes no time getting into the thick of it with those menacing keys and Rui’s scream welcoming us with the title track’s name – leading us up to more welcomed screams and growls that’ll certainly raise a few eyebrows in the process. The comparisons between this band and Australia’s very own Make Them Suffer will be more recognizable in this one – which isn’t a bad thing, it’s great to hear French metalcore tackling a sound that’s familiar with the metalcore community. When you think it’s just another sick core song with heavy guitars and the clean vs scream performance, they go all out and drop a breakdown that’ll make goosebumps rise along with the hairs on the back of your neck. Prepare yourself for it, because you’ll be going OOOOOOOOFT in no time!

Embers‘ keeps the momentum flowing with a similar tempo as Rui leads us in with the lyrics ‘Let the embers fall/and crash around me/we stand still and watch it all BURRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN.’ My reference to Make Them Suffer will make more sense with this one as Victor Guillet‘s keys hark back to what we heard on their last album How To Survive A Funeral while the screams are akin to that of what Sean Harmanis can pull off with his range. But this isn’t that band, so enough of that and back to BTM. Baptiste Vigier and Steeves Hostin play in tune with each other, bouncing back and forth in a playful guitar-off that showcases more djent/prog influences. Another winner! ‘Mirror‘ kicks off with some gutturals that lead into more ferocious screams that’ll please any metalcore snob/elitist… It then slips into melodic territory with ease and precision, showcasing how tight this unit is with their new vocalist in tow. The tempo changes frantically throughout and Rui manages to keep up with every single complex change without issue. His performance really needs to be commended, especially for this track as he takes on almost three different roles throughout (cleans, screams and growls). Betraying The Martyrs have absolutely nailed Aaron Matts‘ successor and I cannot commend Rui enough for his delivery on this EP.

Closing out the five-track is ‘Swan Song‘ – a moody groove track that once again showcases the melodic side of the band’s abilities. It has a huuuge chorus section that’ll have you singing along by the second run-through and the fast talk/screaming immediately after is pure fire. You can hear the prog undertones with the guitars (akin to that of Spiritbox) as Boris le Gal bashes away on the drums with a beat that takes the listener on a journey from start to finish. Lyrically it focuses on mental health and internal battles one faces when they tackle the disease head on. ‘Am I free now, or should I take another one’ and ‘Cus when It’s black, black, black/In every part of my brain/When It’s dark, dark, dark/And I’m going insane all around in circles/And it will never mend’ stand out for me the most and when listening to the track several times in a row, I fell more in love with it, and the band, so much so this release has climbed its way to my Top 2 releases fo the year (so far… more on that soon). I guarantee by the end of this EP, you’ll need to dive back in for a second or third helping. I sure am and it’s going to be on repeat all weekend.

Betraying The Martyrs have unleashed an almost perfect metalcore release. It has everything you want from the genre with tight musicianship, complex layering and riffs aplenty. They’ve also scored a new frontman who delivers all the right emotions and heaviness this band so rightfully deserves. The tracklisting flows like a river and my only gripe is that it isn’t longer. If this is just a taste of what’s to come, sign me the F**k up for life!

Betraying The Martyrs Silver Lining tracklist

Betraying The Martyrs – Silver Lining EP tracklisting

1. Black Hole
2. Pressure
3. Embers
4. Mirror
5. Swan Song

Rating: 9.5/10
Silver Lining EP is out now via Out Of Line Records. Get it here
Review by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown (@brownypaul)

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