Introducing ten56 From Ex-Betraying the Martyrs Frontman Aaron Matts

ten56 - Diazepam

It’s been a big week for musician Aaron Matts who announced his departure from monster metalcore band Betraying the Martyrs in a series of lengthy social media posts. In the space of just a few days, Matts has also introduced his new band ten56 including some of his fellow French heavy music peers Arnaud VerrierNicolas DelestradeLuka Garotin and Quentin Godet from bands like Novelists FRKadinja and Uneven Structure. These are some seriously great musicians, and you’ll probably recognise a couple of the bands they’re from.

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Well in the spirit of #NewMusicFriday we’re delighted to share ten56‘s first-ever track ‘Diazepam‘, released via Out Of Line Music. In the lead-up to the track, Matts has been teasing the new song and the style of the band, with heaps of people asking him, will the band be heavy? Will it be metalcore? He’s come back and been clear that the band is going to be very heavy but the ‘metalcore’ label will keep you guessing as they release more music.

‘Diazepam’ sucker punches you from 0:01 with a metalcore synth including deafening drums and Matts’ signature vocals. The production is top-notch as you can feel every variant in the instrumentation. The track is incredibly eclectic and brings djent vibes, metalcore vibes and even nu-metal vibes. It’s incredibly groovy and definitely is structured in a way that has a heavier potential than Betraying the Martyrs. The song only spans for a couple of minutes but the last thirty seconds will blow the shirt off your back with the breakdown it delivers. Listen loud and thank us later.

Words by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

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