Vilify Set To Blow Minds with Heavy New Thumper ‘Futility’

Alright, it’s New Music Friday bitchez!

Have you had one of those weeks where every little thing got on your nerves? I have and I’m bloody glad I heard Vilify‘s new belter ‘Futility‘ because it has calmed the anger inside and prevented me from not throwing hands with my bedroom door. The band released ‘Veils of Grey‘ back in February which followed their Clarity EP dropping back in December 2020, and have been honing in on their style, bordering between that grey area of hardcore and heavy metal. This new track though, is another kind of beast.

Creeping in with a static-like synth, we’re met with a spoken word performance from frontwoman Amy McIntosh who draws us in with her crisp cleans saying ‘Make it rain make it rain/Wash the hurt away/Feels like I’m living on the outside/Hope I do better in the next life/Am I sane am I sane/When this all comes to an end/Will it be by my own hand’, before unleashing the animal within, resulting in some major gutturals that instantly reminded me of the first time I heard Karina Utomo (High Tension) and Nikki Brumen (Pagan) – an absolute gobsmacking performance. Deni Hourihan‘s frantic guitar riffs alongside Lizi Blanco‘s bass sounds like impending doom and throughout this journey, you’re going to be taken on a ride with drummer Kieran Jackson showing off his talent behind the kit.

According to their socials, the band says ‘Futility‘ was written during the peak of the lockdowns and they touched on feeling lost, abandoned and contemplating throwing it all away during its conception.

“We realised during this time how important true and honest connection and conversation is with others rather than the usual “thoughts and prayers” and “stay positive” that seems to shut down the likelihood of any honest insight into our mental state during life’s struggles.” -Vilify

Photo Gallery by Bree Vane. Facebook: Weather Vane Visuals

When talking about the song’s lasting memory of turbulent times, Amy further explained:

“I feel like Futility will still stand as a reminder if anything. Knowing the hard times we faced but then knowing we pulled through and achieved the new normal together as a community is super special and something to be proud of.”

The drive to pull one’s self out of adversity needs to be commended and we all know the benefits of pushing through rough patches – because of the person you’re destined to be waiting on the other side. On the subject of growing as a human (and musician) Amy divulged:

“I have learned a lot about relationships. Having Vilify be this super beautiful safe space where we all nurture each other to push ourselves, is a very sweet reminder that things can be hard, but with the right people around you it always works out 🙂 Every show we play we make so many new friends and the support we have received just confirms that being honest and true to yourself and others is the only way to go.”

And together Vilify are taking on the heavy music scene. With no stopping in their sights, we pondered the future of the band, following their release of singles and shows here and there… don’t worry, there’s a method to the madness:

“At the moment we are just writing focused and are happy to release that in whatever format feels natural for the pieces. Playing shows here and there has helped to refine our performance but we are definitely ready to hit that touring circuit as soon as someone will take us. 😉”

I know plenty of bands that need to give this foursome a shot. We’ll see how the year progresses and keep our eyes glued to everything Vilify do. Not on the hype train yet? Uppercut yourself.

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown (@brownypaul)

Stream ‘Futilityhere

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