Hardcore Heroes Vilify Blast Back with ‘Veils Of Grey’

I remember where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard Vilify. I was at work and it was about 3am. I snuck a headphone in and hit play on the ‘Habit’ film clip and was instantly hooked. Not many bands have ever hit me like Vilify did, I had that song on repeat for hours and I remember telling anyone who would listen about that track. I’ve since become a Vilify super fan.

Fast forward to mid-2021 and Anti Vinyl Vinyl Club scored a massive opportunity to work with the band and get them on a vinyl split with our good mates Terra. It’s still to this day one of my favourite AVVC releases and something I was beyond stoked to be part of.

So when I got the call up to throw some questions at Vilify scream lady Amy McIntosh to chat about their new single ‘Veils of Grey’ I jumped at the opportunity. Here’s how it all went down…

I have just finished listening to the new single and it seems Vilify have taken a step towards a heavier sound? Was this something you set out to do or just organically grew after the Clarity EP?

Firstly. Thank you for all your support from day dot. You were the first person we noticed as a constant in our posts and online communications and it will never be forgotten. So thank you. As for the new single being heavier. Definitely organic growth. I think we have set out to tackle “heavier” topics as well so it just sort of organically went that way.

I think the guitar riff has taken a back seat in heavy music in recent times but it seems to be the backbone of Vilify songs. ‘Veils of Grey’ opens with a monster Deni Hourihan guitar intro in a similar vein to ‘Habit’, is this how writing a Vilify song starts? What is the Vilify the process?

It’s all about the riffs baby! We always start with guitars. I myself am a guitarist really so it always starts there with some basic drums. Slap some vocals on. Kieran then makes the drums tidy as hell and that’s a song!

‘Veils of Grey’ is surely the precursor to a bunch of new tunes. Should we expect to see a follow up EP or is Vilify going to be tackling a full album? How far into the writing and recording process is the band?

Recording again in March. What format that takes is a little play it by ear. As a band born in COVID. Play it by ear is definitely the way we run most things haha.

Jumping from bass and backing vocals too fronting a band must be an absolute wild change. How have gigs been when front and centre as a pose to behind the bass?

Terrifying. I think I come across more confident than I really am. I am always so so scared. The guys we have together in Vilify are really a family though, so I never feel too stressed with them by my side. They have faith in me as I do them. We can’t go wrong if that’s where we start. I do love the freedom of a bassless high kick though. 😎

Since releasing ‘Clarity’ you have solidified your line up with the addition of Lizi Blanco on bass. Now a four piece with a couple of gigs under your belt, how does it feel to have formed a second incredible band and could you see yourselves doing double duties (with The Beautiful Monument) at gigs and festivals in the not so distant future?

Lizi was a bit of a fill in situation and she just never left Haha So why not just take photos with her.

We have already almost had to do double duties once at a show, but it was cancelled unfortunately. Honestly I would love it. We both love performing and both bands feel so different that I think it would honestly be the greatest.

Tour plans are obviously really hard at the moment for the whole industry. You managed to sneak a couple of gigs in throughout 2021. What are the plans for 2022 and onto 2023? Any tours we should be keeping an eye out for and who are some bands you would like to hit the road with?

We are doing a little run with The Wandering and Nicolas Cage Fighter in Feb/March (Covid permitting). It will be our first time out of the Newy/Sydney bubble so we are super excited for that!

Honestly we just want to hit the road. Performing is what it’s all about. If there’s any bands reading this that want to take us, hit us up haha.

I have to ask for all the vinyl fans of the world and being the biggest vinyl nerd and Vilify fan of them all, have you got any plans to get new music on vinyl? Was the process of seeing your song ‘Forgiveness’ something the team would want to do again?

I am a very new fan of vinyl. I have a little collection building up and I would LOVE some more Vilify in there. New music on vinyl. Yes. Will happen. Forgiveness on vinyl was literally a dream come true.

Maybe all of Clarity deserves a press 😉 We will see!

Interview by Piky. Insta: @piky0032

Stream ‘Veils of Greyhere