A Skylit Drive Release New Track ‘Sucker’ feat. Abstract

Okay, keep up because I’m only going to do this once – there are two Skylit Drive bands floating around at the moment – One is currently going under the usual moniker of A Skylit Drive, the name we already know featuring members Michael Jagmin and Jon Kintz (who have been the most active of late) releasing new material back in February in the form of the song ‘Dead Serious‘.

The other is going under the name of Original ASD, which features OG members Brian WhiteCory La QuayNick Miller, Joey Wilson and Jordan Blake and they’re more so back on deck celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of their debut EP She Watched the Sky, which they’re currently playing (in celebration of) at shows across the US. That’s where the OG guys’ story ends.

Back to Jagmin’s A Skylit Drive – they’re back again with the electronic future-pop tune ‘Sucker‘ featuring rapper Abstract – upon first listen, you’ll no doubt be transported back to the mid-2000s where this band first left their impressions upon us. But given a couple of spins, this is either going to draw you in for more, or leave you wondering what the heck you’re listening to.

I know bands like this back in the day made a name for themselves with overly produced vocals that seemed cool and edgy, but this (to me anyway) comes across as amateur and trying to capitalise on the sound of yesteryear. If the band are trying to continue using the name A Skylit Drive and they’re going to release music like this, they’re going to essentially drag the name into the ground in the process…

I can see why the OG members returned and are throwing back to their early material as a way to keep the memory of the band alive, but this new material on the other hand isn’t right… I could be wrong, but that’s my judgement!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Stream ‘Sucker (feat. Abstract)here

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