A Skylight Drive (Not Original A.S.D.) Release ‘Dead Serious’ Not Long After Original ASD Reformed

A Skylit Drive Dead Serious Review

In the most bizarre alternative music news you’ll likely read this week, A Skylit Drive have released a brand new single titled ‘Dead Serious‘. Seems like everyday music news at the surface (and the song ain’t half bad) – except that there are some lineup questions on the lips of loyal fans.

Just a few weeks ago, the original post-hardcore A Skylit Drive lineup announced their return with new social media accounts under the moniker Original A.S.D, notably separate to the still-existing social pages, with the A Skylit Drive Facebook page changed to new name Signals.

This got old-school fans excited, in the hope of hearing some new tunes with some old-yet-similar sounds to that of well-known EP She Watched the Sky, including band members Brian WhiteCory La QuayNick Miller, and Jordan Blake.

As fans patiently waited for said new music to drop from Original A.S.D, the official A Skylit Drive Twitter and Instagram pages have promoted brand new single ‘Dead Serious‘, whilst starting to use the Signals band name too. If you were thinking Original A.S.D managed to take over the A Skylit Drive and release a single as expected, think again.

Dead Serious’ appears to feature the most recent A Skylit Drive lineup, before the recent Original A.S.D reunion announcement, which is perhaps why the two (or even three) monikers are being utilised simultaneously on social media. However, listening to the single, it does have some nostalgic noughties emo throwback features, albeit without the original lineup. ‘Dead Serious‘ captures the essence of squeaky clean vocals, a catchy chorus and a cheeky little breakdown at the end.

So are you team A Skylit Drive / Signals or team Original A.S.D? Or, are you a fan of appreciating all eras? Either way, best to stay abreast of updates from both lineups. Perhaps we’ll see the two go head-to-head via wall of death and battle it out?! Blegh.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream A Skylit Drive – ‘Dead Serious’ here

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