Drag Me Out Unload Rhythmic Metalcore Jam ‘Crystal Arms’

Drag Me Out 2022

Drag Me Out is led by ex-Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Stoff from Ukraine. Stoff recorded The Black with AA and is now firing on full cylinders with Drag Me Out, who showed us what they could do with new track Bullets in my Teeth’. The song was their lead-single for new record Demons Away out May 6, 2022.

A second single has now surfaced, titled ‘Crystal Arms‘. Stoff alternates between his breathless unclean vocal style and his stand-out clean style, with the rest of the band flourishing in a metalcore rhythmic groove. ‘Crystal Arms‘ is packed with tasty breakdowns and feels like an exploratory immersion for Drag Me Out to really find themselves and their style, post-Stoff’s AA period, and make their mark in this everchanging genre.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Drag Me Out – ‘Crystal Arms‘ here and
Pre-order Demons Away here
Out May 6, 2022

Drag Me Out Demons Away tracklist

Drag Me Out – Demons Away tracklisting:

01. Crystal Arms
02. With A Thunder We Rise
03. Blind & Blurred
04. Bullets In My Teeth
05. Cuz It‘s Meant To Be
06. I Swear I‘m Not OK
07. Hymn For The Wicked
. Let Me In
09. My Mistakes
10. No Feelings
11. The Watch Of The Buried
12. Save My Life

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