Saviour Unnerve Tectonic Plates with ‘Tidal Wave’

Saviour Shine & Fade Review

Originating in Perth, Saviour have made a big comeback to heavy music recently. The Greyscale Records band has a new album, Shine & Fade, coming out on April 29th and so far we’ve heard singles Reshape Meand Youngerwhich have managed to push the limits of Saviour‘s sound to new heights, so naturally, the thought of a new single from their upcoming album has our tails wagging. Accompanied by an emotionally gripping music video, the track is based around the concept of losing someone close in a car crash.

Saviour frontman Bryant Best explains further:

Our track ‘Tidal Wave’ is probably the heaviest and most technical track off the upcoming record and possibly my personal favourite. I had sort of been sitting on the music video idea for some time and ended up building the lyrical content around the narrative that we ended up going with. The track’s theme is about losing someone to a car crash and dealing with the aftermath of losing someone. The music video being all narrative is a new thing for us. We felt it was super risky, but I think Clayton Orgles (Videographer) and his team did a great job of bringing this narrative to life. It’s a watch that requires concentration to the storyline but I feel Clayton did an amazing job regardless. The direction of ‘Tidal Wave’ is a direction we are probably heading towards after this ‘Shine and Fade’ release so I’m really hoping people dig this one.”

Tidal Wave‘ is is by far the most melodic single from their upcoming album that we have seen yet. Much like on the band’s previous album A Lunar Rose (our review here), keyboardist and clean vocalist Shontay Snow returns to the limelight as she displays her vocals in all of its glory with this offering. It’s also hard to look past the skilful guitar work of newest member Curtis Tunks, who elegantly gives this track an entirely new dimension adding to the band’s already impressive sound.

If you are like me and you love big, nasty breakdowns, don’t be put off by the melodic chorus, the song’s outro is quite a nice piece of heavy music that everyone can appreciate.

Written by Adam Rice @_spicyyricey_

Stream Saviour – ‘Tidal Wavehere and look out for the video premiere below.
Pre-order Shine & Fade here.

Saviour – Shine & Fade tracklisting:

1. Younger
2. Reshape Me
3. Racing Home
4. Modern Curse
5. Tidal Wave
6. Black Rosary
7. Cynical
8. Wishing Well

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