Saviour Drop Infectiously Heavy Song ‘Younger’

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Last week’s announcement of Saviour‘s new album titled Shine & Fade had us drooling over the thought of hearing more of what the band’s recent single Reshape Me‘ had to offer. This time we are presented with ‘Younger’, a faster and more intricate piece of music which expresses an interesting theme of looking back on the years that have passed.

The band explains:

“Younger is a track we all felt as a band was one of the strongest singles on this LP. The song’s meaning revolves around getting old and trying to reminisce on the life that’s been lived. Whilst also capturing the sorrow of forgetting some of the brighter moments as time passes us by.”

While staying true to Saviour‘s origins, with this song, the band has been able to expand on their sound while exploring heavier, and darker themes with more intricate instrumentalism and of course catchy melodies. Allowing this to happen was the introduction of the groups sixth member, new guitarist Curtis Tunks, as well as the inclusion of bassist Chris Pearce‘s incredible clean vocals, all adding new dimensions which effortlessly adds to the bands already impressive sound.

Saviour continues:

“Whilst keeping it heavy and melodic has always been a signature for the band, Curtis has definitely brought a technicality and playing style that has helped this LP find its own identity. We have also been flirting with the idea of bringing Chris’s voice into Saviour for years now, and this LP seemed like the right time to do so. He’s been doing incredible stuff with his solo project Reins and the team here is psyched with how cohesive his voice on this LP works alongside Bryant and Shontay.”

‘Younger’ is some of Saviour‘s best work yet, these new dynamics that the band has introduced has come together so impressively. From the song to the music video, prepare to be blown away by every aspect of this single. If this is what the new era of Saviour consists of, you better believe that I am counting down the days until we get the opportunity to hear the groups new album in full (only 70 days to go!).

Written By Adam Rice (@_spicyyricey_)

Stream Saviour – ‘Youngerhere and
Pre-order Shine & Fade here

Saviour – Shine & Fade tracklisting:

1. Younger
2. Reshape Me
3. Racing Home
4. Modern Curse
5. Tidal Wave
6. Black Rosary
7. Cynical
8. Wishing Well

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