Saviour Drop ‘Reshape Me’ To Celebrate Greyscale Records Signing

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It’s hard to believe that it has nearly been a whole two years since Saviour released their previous album A Lunar Rose (our review here) without playing a single show since.

However, this doesn’t mean that the now six-piece Perth-based group have taken the backseat while we deal with COVID. Instead, they have been working hard behind the scenes to take us into the next era of the band, which sees them as the newest inclusion to the Greyscale Records family and we are so bloody excited to see what direction this collaboration goes in – but for now, we are given just a first taste with new song ‘Reshape Me’.

On the new offering, vocalist Bryant Best exclusively told us:

“This release definitely is an evolution of our sound. We want each chapter of releases to be somewhat different from the previous chapter. I think the key changes in ‘Reshape Me’ and most of our upcoming stuff, is that it’s more technical, the heavy bits are heavier, the catchier bits are catchier, and the meaningful bits are more meaningful. The inclusion of our newest member Curtis (guitar) shows a new approach to the way we have been writing. As well as the inclusion of Chrisso’s voice (bass) has really opened up different avenues for us.

I think at its core, Saviour is a heavy yet emotive entity and this track stays true to that foundation. We’ve been sitting on this stuff for a while now, and we are all hyped to finally be showing our friends and fans what we have been up to.”

‘Reshape Me’ has all of Saviour‘s usual characteristics while including some new dynamics, such as catchy clean vocals from long time bassist Chris Pearce, but don’t worry because Shontay Snow‘s hauntingly beautiful vocals are still present. A heavy breakdown towards the end proves that Saviour still have it!

If you are anything like us you would be wondering if/when there will be an album announcement and just how soon can we sing along to ‘Reshape Me’ at a show? Just take a deep breath and keep your eyes of the Wall of Sound pages, as soon as that info comes in, you will find it there!

Words by Adam Rice

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