Bellwether Progress to ‘Halfway Happy’ with Debut EP Announcement

What do you get when you combine the best of both worlds of pop punk?

Sydney-based outfit Bellwether unexpectedly crashed onto the music scene last year with their explicitly catchy tunes ‘Shortsighted’ and ‘Charade’, giving us all the feels of 2000s nostalgia alongside their similar tendencies to heavyhitters State Champs and Between You and Me. With only two tracks under their belt, the band managed to snake their way into our list of top Australian pop punk acts to watch this year.

These pop punk newcomers offer up a fresh dose of the genre that leaves us hanging on for even more, and they’re about to steal everyone’s hearts with their brand new single, ‘Halfway Happy’ — off their forthcoming debut EP, Impermanence (out April 8). The track sees vocalist James Graham questioning his own identity, at the same time overcoming that imposter syndrome we’ve been triggered by at some point in our lives. The band explain:

“’Halfway Happy’ comes from a place of being trapped in the company of someone that makes you feel like you’re always falling short. The song focuses a lot on this pattern of constantly questioning every part of ourselves and feeling like we’re simply not good enough – for ourselves or those around us. When we’re with someone that is always making us doubt ourselves, it’s easy to fall into that mindset and second guess every aspect of ourselves. Reflecting on these kinds of experiences, we see our past mistakes and regrets take shape in the form of insecurities that impact us every day, even years on.”

The song is an edgy blend of alternative/punk melodies, teamed together with an iconic pop punk essence that involves heartfelt, raw emotion about looking inwards. Compared to their first two releases, this is Bellwether proving their worth as longstayers in the scene. The band call it ‘Halfway Happy’, I call it ‘halfway to domination’. Give it one listen, and you too will hear it!

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

Listen to ‘Halfway Happy’ and pre-save Impermanence here

Bellwether – Impermanence EP tracklisting TBA

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