20 Australian Pop Punk Bands To Watch in 2022

top aussie pop punk bands

Look out 2022, there’s a brand new cream of the crop to look out for when it comes to Australian pop punk. The past two years has seen the genre evolve massively, with the MGK effect in full blow overseas and Avril Lavigne‘s recent resurgence. In Australia though, the pop punk community has blossomed quite nicely over the pandemic with new bands seemingly appearing online by the minute. The musical landscape in this country has grown from the days of playing around with the catchy, nostalgic elements of their US counterparts.

Here at WoS, we’re always on the lookout to see who has what it takes to rock not just locally, but on a global scale. Kinda like leading acts Stand Atlantic and last year’s highlight band Between You and Me. While some bands are taking inspiration from the Australian metalcore scene, others are choosing aspects from pop punk’s close cousin ’emo’ as their chosen sound.

In the spirit of pop punk (and all that comes with it) we’ll always have a select few keeping the catchiness of the genre alive in 2022, but we now have an emerging selection immersed in the new wave styles of emo pop that is absolutely blowing up right now. We also need to mention that in 2022, some OG Aussie punk favs are making their return to the spotlight.

With that being said, the high calibre of Aussies we’ve selected this year have proven to be our most diverse lot yet. Here’s what Australian pop punk sounds like in 2022…

#20 Hindsight

Hometown: Adelaide, SA

These guys are extremely new on our radar, but their latest track ‘Low Hanging Fruit’ threw me off my seat on first listen. Representing Radelaide this year are Hindsight, who gloriously throw back to the 2010s with their angsty lyrics, unapologetic melodies and fist-pumping riff energy. It’s not hard to hear The Wonder Years inspiration seeping through their music here, and we’re looking forward to hearing what else they have to offer.

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#19 Carrington

Hometown: Perth, WA

Representing Western Australia this year are Carrington. While they haven’t made a whole lot of moves during the past two years, their tasteful tunes on their Alter-Ego EP still sit with us to this day. With 2022 marking the end of border closures and WA rejoining the rest of the country, fingers crossed these Perth hopefuls will find this as an opportunity to make this their breakthrough and lead the way for the WA punk scene.

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#18 Loose End

Hometown: Melbourne, VIC

They self-proclaim to be too heavy to be pop punk, but not heavy enough for metalcore. Well, we’ll be the judge of that! Melbourne’s Loose End offer up a tantalising blend of heavy-laden riffs and soaring vocals that is bound to prick up many ears. Together, they deliver a thrilling performance and their latest track ‘Autopilot’ unlocks many avenues for them. Inspired by the riff-laden energy of Silverstein and the staggering angst of early Trophy Eyes, these boys are our heaviest band of this lot, and hold massive potential. Perhaps one day they’ll graduate to metalcore. We’d love to see it!

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#17 A Swift Farewell

Hometown: Sydney, NSW

These young hopefuls make the spark in Australian pop punk even brighter with songs like ‘Sunburn‘ and ‘Mousetrap‘. A Swift Farewell have seemingly perfected those shimmering pop/rock hooks which aligns well with heavy hitters Stand Atlantic and Yours Truly. If they play their cards right, we could be seeing some huge development emerge in these Sydneysiders in the not-too-distant future.

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#16 Grizzlyshark

Hometown: Brisbane, QLD

Like our new Melbourne mates Loose End, Grizzlyshark tend to swerve towards heavier pastures. But this Brissie outfit don’t care too much about where they fit on the musical spectrum of things. They’re more interested in producing high-energy easycore that feels like an explosive dose of seratonin in your veins. They’ve been slow burning us with rambunctous tunes (like ‘Vicarious’) for awhile, but watch this space. They might just be Queensland’s next punk pop breakthroughs in 2022…

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#15 The Dead Love

Hometown: Sydney, NSW

Are you even a pop punk fan if you haven’t heard of Stevie Knight? While he is the genre’s leading music maker in the country (having produced singles for Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Waxflower), the legend also plays equally as fun jams for his own band, The Dead Love. The three-piece have earned themselves a loyal following in their hometown of Sydney, toured the country a heap and most recently supported their mates Stand Atlantic in the UK. While they haven’t yet released a follow-up full-length to 2019’s The Extinction of Unicorns, we can only hope it’s on the horizon. ‘Small Talk’ hasn’t really left my playlist in the last three years and I’m ready for some more Dead Love bangers.

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#14 Bodyjar

Hometown: Melbourne, VIC

You could almost call these lads the fathers of Australian pop punk. Back in the 2000s they pioneered the gateway for Aussie bands to make their mark on US-clad festivals like the Vans Warped Tour, and sold out a bunch of tours alongside fellow punks Frenzal Rhomb. Proving that you are never too old for the genre, Bodyjar are back and thriving on their comeback album, New Rituals which marks a return to their early punk rock roots. Who knows, you may even hear a follow up to ‘One in a Million’ there. With touring well underway, expect the Jar lads to be playing a punk rock gig near you in due course!

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#13 Headstrong

Hometown: Sydney, NSW

These kids have been making great strides with quite an impactful sound, that harks influence from many styles. We’ve immensely enjoyed the huge song releases from Headstrong, but here’s hoping 2022 sees the band finally releasing a proper full-length. Or an EP, at least. This is when these guys will hit their breakthrough, that’s for sure.

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#12 Bellwether

Hometown: Sydney, NSW

Bellwether put the pop in pop punk, that’s for sure. Making their splash in the local scene in mid 2021 with the ever so crunchy and energetic ‘Shortsighted’, this five-piece pack an explosive sound of catchy tunes that fits right in with international heavy hitters State Champs and Stand Atlantic. They’re Australia’s freshest act on the circuit right now, and we’re expecting these kids to come out even stronger this year.

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Hometown: Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle pop punk outfit PSTCRDS re-emerged last year with a seering two-track EP that packed heavier styles together whilst still keeping it punk AF. We love these boys and reckon they’ve got it in them to completely steal the scene with a proper full-length release that’ll see them hit similar highs as Skyway and Heroes For Hire did back in the day.

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#10 In Eyes

Hometown: Gold Coast, QLD

They’ve been eerily quiet for much of the pandemic and we were beginning to wonder if In Eyes were still even a thing. But the trio have returned to major prominence in 2022. They’ve improved greatly and are better than they’ve ever sounded with newest track ‘Tripwire’. Fronted by Rosie Jacobson, In Eyes pack in emo/punk influences as iconic as the 2000s and all I can say right now — ‘Tripwire’ is only the beginning for them.

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#9 Drastic Park

Hometown: Melbourne, VIC

Making huge moves on our list over the past twelve months are none other than Drastic Park. In 2021, the trio proved their talent combined are much more than your average Blink-182 cover act and the rest of the country also seem to be taking notice. Through hits like ‘Lost’ and gaining festival slots, John Stokes, Joe Larwood and Chris Tannahill have grown their legion of fans by the week and honestly, I am excited for what 2022 is going to bring for them. Definitely watch this space!

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#8 Bad Neighbour

Hometown: Brisbane, QLD

Brisbane’s music scene is blossoming so fast these days it’s hard to keep up, and Bad Neighbour are one of those acts that have seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Their sound probably straddles inbetween the emo and melodic punk side of the spectrum while also offering up punchy choruses that indie rock audiences would also froth. The boys continue to gain prominence through touring and shows both locally and interstate and we can’t help but think that huge opportunities are afloat for these rockers.

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#7 Heroes For Hire

Hometown: Sydney, NSW

They’ve made almost as many reunions as blink-182, but the Heroes For Hire camp is once again swarming with activity in 2022. Brad Smith, Duane Hazell and Lee McGarrity rose to great heights in the 2010s after playing Soundwave and supporting the likes of All Time Low, New Found Glory and Short Stack. While we appreciate Brad’s dedication to keeping the dream alive through his other band Cambridge, we would love nothing more than him returning to form with some new Heroes anthems. Maybe just leave the shoey in 2012 okay, mate?

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#6 Eat Your Heart Out

Hometown: Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle alternative/punk outfit Eat Your Heart Out have kept pretty lowkey over the last two years, but word on the street is they were actually spending it writing their new album! Their last album, Florescence was way back in 2019 and saw the band produce some edgy and infectious tunes. Expect Caitlin Henry and co. to return with their sophomore follow-up via Fearless Records sometime this year though. Here’s hoping it’s as good as ‘Closer to the Sun’ — no pressure, guys!

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#5 Waxflower

Hometown: Brisbane, QLD

Since their debut EP We Might Be Alright last April, Waxflower have consistently remained at the forefront of our minds when it comes to Brisbane emo/pop punk. The four-piece have shown absolutely zero signs of slowing down anytime soon either. Newest tracks ‘Soak’ and ‘Ring’ sees the band steer their musical direction down the emo pop route, and it won’t be long before these guys hit up the international circuit like many of their peers.

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#4 Paperweight

Hometown: Melbourne, VIC

Aussie pop punk rising stars Paperweight only played their first ever music festival two months ago, and we’re always eagerly anticipating their next moves. This upcoming four piece slay the scene with some of the catchiest pop punk tunes we’ve heard in years and 100% embodies what the genre was built on. With Open Door Management behind them, expect 2022 to see Paperweight grow their touring resume with shows, shows and even more shows. Maybe an EP too, I hope.

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#3 Terra

Hometown: Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne hopefuls Terra hit the ground running early this year by finally dropping their long awaited EP, Reverie. They’ve really upped the ante now and we absolutely foresee BIG things on the horizon for the band. Heavily inspired by 2000s pioneers Tonight Alive and Paramore, there’s no denying that Terra tick all our boxes with their raw yet relatable tunes, and they’ll no doubt find a home in your playlist too. This five-piece are fearless.

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#2 Yours Truly

Hometown: Sydney, NSW

Since they got their self-care under control, Yours Truly have been biding their time ’til international borders reopened so they could continue their journey to conquer the world one continent at a time. This pocket rocket four-piece continue to soar to greater heights, especially after releasing ‘Walk Over My Grave’ last year. No doubt Yours Truly are well on their way to becoming Australia’s biggest pop punk sensations since Stand Atlantic. As they progress, we’re kinda hoping they’ll pause a few shows to unleash even more new music this year.

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#1 Short Stack

Hometown: Budgewoi, NSW

Since they returned last year and signed to UNFD, Shaun Diviney, Bradie Webb and Andy Clemmenson have so far impressed longtime fans as well as the widespread Aussie heavy music community with new music that shows how much they’ve progressed since the ‘Sway Sway’ days. I’m just saying, if ‘Armageddon’ hasn’t been given an absolute beating on your On Repeat playlist since its release, it’s time to rethink your life choices. This track in particular encapsulates past and present Short Stack with a hat tip to TOYPAJ era blink and is already a contender for top song of 2022.

I don’t know who else fits the bill to be our #1 pop punk act this year than Short Stack. With a highly anticipated comeback tour on the cards plus brand new album Maybe There’s No Heaven, Stack is most definitely alive and back in 2022. Get amongst it.

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Written By Tamara May @citylightstam

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