The Linda Lindas Share Playful Track ‘Talking To Myself’

Following the incredibly catchy title track from their forthcoming album Growing Up, The Linda Lindas have swung back with another tasteful tune. ‘Talking to Myself’ catches you offguard with how much it triggers your innermost anxieties, as member Lucia de la Garza explains:

“The song is about the spiral you go into when you’re lonely. You start to question yourself and all the decisions you’ve made. I’m always looking back on conversations and going, ‘Oh, I should have said this, I should have said that.’ But it’s also about needing other people, not just for reassurance, but because we’ve all learned from the pandemic that you need other people to talk to in order to stay sane.”

Coming at us with tiny ripples of joyful punk rock, ‘Talking to Myself’ expands the LA four-piece and their evergrowing catchiness into an musical act to look out for. Especially when the album drops next month. If you enjoyed this and ‘Growing Up’, well, you can expect even more refined alternative/punk tracks like these sooner than you think.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

The Linda Lindas release their new album, Growing Up on April 8. Pre-order here

The Linda Lindas – Growing Up tracklisting:

1. Oh!
2. Growing Up
3. Talking To Myself
4. Fine
5. Nino
6. Why
7. Cuantas Veces
8. Remember
9. Magic
10. Racist, Sexist Boy

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