Introducing Saltwound: With Deathcore/Slam Single ‘The Negative’

Saltwound The Negative Review

Every once in a while we get excited to bring you some emerging bands across sub-genres, and today we introduce Saltwound. Reigning from California, these guys bring the ferocity; end of story. In 2020 the deathcore/slam/beatdown outfit dropped their debut EP Vol. 1: (DEAD)WEIGHT, and it’ll tear you a new one, consider this a warning.

Since then, the heavy assault on the senses continued with Saltwound‘s recent single ‘Drowning‘ feat. Left to Suffer‘s Taylor Barber. That should be enough to get your attention with Barber’s and bandmates dropping some wild singles in the past year or so, including ‘Anger‘, ‘Fixated‘ featuring Kamiyada and finally ‘D.N.R.’ featuring the one and only Will Ramos of Lorna Shore as well as Ricky Hoover of Ov Sulfer.

That accolade list is strong to say the least, and noteworthy to induct some new generations of heavy musicians.

Saltwound have just dropped ‘The Negative‘, possibly their biggest single yet. What works with this band really well is their fusion across styles. It’s got hardcore elements, deathcore components and this sort of Alpha Wolf-esque animalistic ferocity that makes you want to do some boxing. With a slam breakdown at the end, you’ll be sifting through these guys’ releases and perhaps even adding a new band to your rotation; check it out.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Saltwound – ‘The Negativehere

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