Left to Suffer Unleash Final Single For The Year – ‘Fixated feat. Kamiyada’

Left to Suffer - Fixated Review

Feeling breathless from Left to Suffer‘s ‘D.N.R.‘ featuring Lorna Shore‘s Will Ramos and Ov Sulfur‘s Ricky Hoover? Between the deathcore pandemonium unleashed between that and their earlier single this year ‘Anger‘, Left to Suffer are going all out one last time before the NYE countdown. The Atlanta heavyweights have delivered ‘Fixated‘ featuring rapper Kamiyada which packs a number of punches.

This single hits a bit different though. With the inclusion of Kamiyada, the track takes on different tones with hip-hop elements included, however the heaviness is not lost on Left to Suffer. The mid-way section prolongs a delicious breakdown which will have you nodding with approval / shaking your head with disgust – whichever way you like to play it. 

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Left to Suffer ‘Fixated feat. Kamiyadahere 

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