Left to Suffer Drop Massive New Single ‘Anger’

Left to Suffer - Fixated Review

Ever since Atlanta metalcore/deathcore band Left to Suffer dropped their single ‘Loathe’ last year, the hype has been real. The song entered core playlists across streaming platforms, and the band continued the carnage last year, and followed up with their first LP A Year of Suffering, which also spun some heads.

Well, the band are just getting started, they’ve dropped a ripper new song called ‘Anger’ and you need to get your earholes around it. 

Anger’ ensues chaotic raspy vocals with curly riffs and distorted breakdowns that will deliver you bass in your freakin’ brain, man. Honestly, the drops in this song alone make it worth keeping tabs on these guys. Major Alpha Wolf vibes with the band with some similar chords and grooves, which Aussie fans would definitely be appetising.

No doubt, Left to Suffer could have some crazy shit planned in 2021, and we are absolutely ready. Turn the volume up, and get stuck into this zinger below.

Check out the boys from Left to Suffer online via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Words by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

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