blessthefall’s Jared Warth & Elliott Gruenberg Launch Side-Project High Wind

Over the past week or so blessthefall‘s Jared Warth and Elliott Gruenberg have been teasing a new side-project with the phrase ‘Windwvker’ shared on socials with the date to watch out for as January 10th. Well, that date is today so we had to check it out.Obviously, ‘Windwvker’ has raised some eyebrows for Aussie metalcore fans of the band Windwaker, who have been smashing away in the scene via Melbourne – doing the hard yards to get their name out there and recently played their first music festival (Knight And Day – our review here) + signed with Fearless Records… But luckily they’re a bunch of good sports who tweeted in jest about it (see below):

It may have come to Warth and Gruenberg’s attention that there is another band called Windwaker. Since then, the side-project seem to have changed their Instagram handle from @windwvker to @highwindaz, acknowledging the reputation of Windwaker. However, High Wind have today launched their debut track ‘Windwvker‘ – soo does that mean we’ve gone full circle? Not only that, they’ll be releasing a Windwvker EP on Friday, 21 January

Windwvker‘ starts off very differently to that of a blessthefall track, perhaps with more ease, however that bassline kicks in fast and Warth’s reminiscent unclean vocals packing a punch. It’s cool to hear Gruenberg handling the choruses independently, as they craft their own spin on their musical legacy. ‘Windwvker‘ is definitely catchy and will leave you wanting more in 2022 from both High Wind, but also hopefully some new material from blessthefall.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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