Eskimo Callboy Launch Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Application

Now this is a campaign we can get behind…

If you haven’t kept up with our Eurovision ideas over the years – let us catch you up first. Back in 2015 we first discussed the idea of sending an outrageous Australian metal band to Eurovision to represent our country and featured a potential list including Voyager, King Parrot and Portal (Voyager would actually become a contender for the song contest a few years later, so we were on the right path with them). Then came our call to #GetParkwayToEurovision following Hungary’s metalcore act AWS landing a spot at the annual talent contest in 2018, but sadly no one heard our calls…

HOWEVER, we’re going to head overseas and officially get behind the Eskimo Callboy lads because they’ve put their hands right up (video at bottom of page) to represent Germany at the upcoming ESC 2022 in Turin. The band who broke onto the scene with their hit ‘Hypa Hypa‘ have made a name for themselevs as the party going guys in the core scene with their outrageous music videos, party anthem jams and all round good times.

They’re essentially Germany’s answer to a metal version of The Lonely Island – and that in itself makes them key players for Eurovision.

The band have already gained international attention for their songs, and putting them in the running will not only increase the demand for their synth-driven breakdowns, but also put them on a global stage to show the rest of the world what we’ve been enjoying for the better part of the past two years. Their last single ‘We Got The Moves‘ is melodic and catchy as fuck and still plays in high rotation in my top songs of 2021 list.

They also just dropped a new single titled ‘Pump It‘ and if those three bangers alone don’t sell you on the idea, you’re in the wrong place!

So if you’re keen on seeing a bit of German metalcore at Eurovision, give the lads a hand by sharing their videos with the #EC4ESC hashtag and keep your fingers crossed we’ll be seeing Eskimo Callboy hitting the stage in 2022… We can only dream right?

Watch their application video below!

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

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