Hungary’s Eurovision entry AWS reaffirmed our motion for a heavy Australian band to compete

According to the Eurovision website, AWS from Hungary describe themselves as a “modern metal band with attitude” and judging by their performances so far, that statement hasn’t been lost in translation. Their post-rock/metal style is not only captivating and headbang inducing, but its also reassuring us that other countries aren’t afraid to send something different to compete in the annual hipster event.


Before the competition even started, the AWS boys have been selling out shows all over Europe since forming back in 2006 in Budapest and their message is simple, to bring light to the problems the world is facing via their music and videos. The song they’re performing at Eurovision is ‘Viszlát Nyár‘ and it’s chorus (kinda) translates to:

Goodbye summer, it’s too late now
you told me that you’ll be mine
you didn’t come, you lied

But I haven’t even got to the best part yet, you ready for this? There’s A FUCKING BREAKDOWN in the song too, complete with gut guttural screams that’ll make you wanna throw down in a pit close to you. Don’t take my word for it, check out the music video and/or download/stream the song right here.

That brings me to Australia’s entrant this year, Jessica Mauboy… And, no, I’m not saying a bad word about Jess, having met her a few times in my commercial radio days, I can assure you the girl you see on the TV is exactly the same as she is off camera, expect more helpful and modest… BUT, after seeing AWS performing at this year’s event, it’s reassured me that Australia needs to send a heavy act to the next competition (if we’re welcomed back).

A few years back I suggested we send over heavy bands like Portal, King Parrot and Voyager to compete, but now I’m absolutely convinced we need to showcase Parkway Drive‘s new album Reverence (my review here) to the rest of the world. Can you imagine them playing a song like ‘Shadow Boxing‘ or ‘Prey‘ on that stage with their pyrotechnics and lights show? (which, technically, they kinda already do in the ‘Prey’ video), but they’d dominate and prove we have more to offer than pop stars who have already had their time in the spotlight on talent shows. That and they’ve already attained an audience all across Europe so we’d instantly have that recognition advantage before the competition even begins…

I know it’s stupid, but let’s start a movement to #GetParkwayToEurovision 2019. What’s the worst that can happen?

Browny @brownypaul 

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