SION’s Howard Jones + Jared Dines Return with New Single ‘More Than Just Myself

SION - More Than Just Myself

Remember the side-project with Light The Torch‘s Howard Jones and YouTuber metaler Jared Dines, called SION? Back in March, they released ballistic track ‘The Blade‘ and it encapsulated Jones at his absolute heaviest, and Dines slaying on the axe.

We’ve been dying for some new tunes from SION and our prayers have been answered with the newly released sophomore track ‘More Than Just Myself’ and word that a new album is inbound (more to come on that). The announcement comes only a couple of months after Light The Torch dropped their latest record You Will Be The Death of Me, featuring tracks like ‘Let Me Fall Apartand Wilting in the Light.

Earlier this week, Dines revealed on his Instagram account that a new music video was on the way this week, with the record coming out on November 26th independently. The SION guitarist signs off with 12 songs, and 3 more music videos coming soon!” – all two years in the making.

As for ‘More Than Just Myself’, the single is beastly and killswitches (like that one?) into Jones/Dines metalcore mode. The best part of this project is Jones’ harder metallic vocal style, in the verses in particular. The choruses are similar to that of his Light The Torch style, but we’re really hearing some legacy styles from Howard, and it works remarkably well with Dines leaning into that metalcore direction.

Looks like a whole lot more of SION is on the way soon! Keep an eye out for more at minight local time, we’ll update this piece once more is revealed.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream SION – ‘More Than Just Myself’ here.

SION – SION tracklisting

1. The Blade
2. Drown
3. More Than Just Myself
4. The Worst Way
5. Buried Alive and Wide Awake
6. Skyfall
7. Endless War
8. A Constant Reminder
9. Something To Live For
10. Great Deceiver
11. Dying of The Light
12. Inside The Hollow

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