Slipknot Kids Stick Their Foot in the Heavy Music Game with New Band Vended


First came Suspect208, the shortlived musical project featuring the sons of Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Slash and Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots). Then came Taipei Houston – a hard rock duo made up of Lars Ulrich‘s boys Layne and Myles. Now, it’s nu-metal madness time with two sons of Slipknot taking their shot at the music industry!

Vended features Griffin Taylor (Corey’s boy) and Clown/Shawn Crahan‘s son Simon Crahan – which was only a matter of time before this duep teamed up for their own project – I mean come on, when your parents are in one of the most influential heavy bands to emerge over the past couple of decades, you have to give it a shot right?

Their new track ‘Asylum‘ isn’t half bad though! With Griffin up front screaming like his old man, you’ll be taken back to the early years of the knot with a vocal performance eerily similar to that of his dear old dad. This groove metal belter is a fantastic first offering for potential fans just discovering the five piece and it won’t be long before they’re paving their own way in the scene, especially if they keep following this kind of direction.

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