Lars Ulrich’s Sons Myles & Layne Started A Band Called Taipei Houston

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich took to Instagram today to give a young musical duo a shoutout. The duo, Taipei Houston, is made up of his sons Myles (@mylesulrich) and Layne (@layneulrich), but don’t let that turn you off… they sound incredible! The energetic pair are yet to release an entire song yet, but if the snippet off of their own Insta clip, titled R E S P E C T E R”, is anything to go by then their music is going to be next level.

Sonically these guys are huge with a sound akin to that of early DZ Deathrays plus their cover of The Beatles ‘Eleanor Rigby‘ is fucking insane.

Being the sons of one of the most influential musicians in the world can’t hurt, yet these lads need nothing in the way of trading their fathers name in. Their sound is absolutely enormous. Miles has grown up directly influenced by the work of great bassists like Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted and Rob Truijillo whilst Layne has been immersed in the work of legendary drummers like Dave Grohl, Dave Lombardo and Joey Jordison. (Only heckling Lars).

Anyways, suss out their Instagram page and follow Wall Of Sound for any news on their upcoming releases. This promises to be insane! If you’re in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area, they’ve got a couple shows coming up this month and you never know who might be there…

Discovery by Duane James @duanejames666

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