Wage War Continue Momentum With Studio Version of ‘Teeth’

Wage War

Wage War have grabbed 2021 by the balls and released a whole bunch of singles, in the lead up to the release of their brand new album MANIC, coming out on October 1st through Fearless Records. With the return of live shows in the U.S., the metalcore band have been dazzling fans with a live playthrough of their to-be-released track at the time ‘Teeth’ which has been pouring all over YouTube as fans salivate over the new material.

Well, Wage War have released the studio version of ‘Teeth’ overnight, their third single for the upcoming record. The song is a follow-up to ‘Circle The Drainand ‘High Horsewhich were certified bangers. Let’s dive into ‘Teeth’ in case you haven’t had the fortune of entering a recent Wage War show, or seen the YouTube clips.

So far the new material from the Florida-bred band has been a bit of a mixed bag, with heavier elements sneaking in from their formative years, and also elements of their evolving melodic sound. ‘Teeth’ fuses this styles with both extremes. Instrumentally and vocally, the band ebb and flow between rhythmic choruses as they did across Pressure but their breakdowns and verses spike into Blueprints/Deadweight territory.

It’s honestly probably not the band’s biggest release so far this year yet, but coupled with the previously released singles, MANIC is shaping up to be a curious one.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

Stream Wage War‘s new single ‘Teeth’ here

Pre-order their new album MANIC here.

Wage War - Manic

Wage War – MANIC tracklisting:

1. Relapse
2. Teeth
3. Manic
4. High Horse
5. Circle The Drain
6. Godspeed
7. Deathroll
8. Slow Burn
9. Never Said Goodbye
10. True Colors
11. If Tomorrow Never Comes

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