Chase Atlantic Keep Musical Momentum Flowing with New Song ‘OHMAMI’

They already released a new album titled Beauty In Death back in March (our review here) but Aussies-born, LA-based trio Chase Atlantic are firing on all cylinders with their Fearless Records signing and already we’re hearing new material from the lads – talk about proactivity!

The band’s new single ‘OHMAMI‘ contains heavily influenced Spanish beats and will sit nicely amongst new age alternative pop rock heroes like Mod Sun and Mike’s Dead, and if you’re a TikToker by choice, expect this single to appear in a new viral movement any day now.

On the song, the band revealed:

“It’s the type of song that allows you to really feel yourself, to actually feel alive… Yet, at the same time, it provides an escape from reality. Even if it’s just momentarily, you can feel the effect of the song lingering in the brain like audible drugs.”

Close your eyes, press play and take a ride!

Stream ‘OHMAMIhere