Chase Atlantic – Beauty in Death (Album Review)

Chase Atlantic – Beauty In Death
Released: March 5, 2021

Chase Atlantic are:

Mitchel Cave // vocals
Clinton Cave // lead guitar
Christian Anthony // guitars, drums, vocals


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Chase Atlantic are a trio originating from Cairns, which means these guys are yet another home grown beauty that have blown up to be something big. Coming into this review, I won’t lie, I’ve not listened to much of their music before, nor did I know a whole lot about them so I’ve come into this completely open minded and not really knowing what to expect. It’s interesting to hear the style of music that has been produced and it makes me want to keep listening, which is something that I enjoyed from the first moment that I listened to the opening track. It’s definitely an R&B vibe that is being put forward, but it’s also a bit of a dance vibe.

If anyone remembers the days of Breathe Carolina it’s a bit like that, which to have a band like that back around is actually so good, because it’s a corner of the music industry that I feel like no one ever attempts to do. Combining typical rock/punk/emo — whatever label or name you call it — along with R&B and dance at the same time? It’s truly a rare thing for people to get right and I feel there’s a line where people want to throw musicians into boxes (as like the rest of the world with generally anything) and much to my surprise when I was looking into Chase Atlantic, a suggested search was blackbear who everyone labels under “rap”, so I feel that these guys are truly working magic at putting many genres together and avoiding being any form of genre entirely.

When I first started listening to the record, I was introduced to the opening song, ‘Paranoid’ which let’s be real, that got stuck in my head for quite some time, even after just one listen and the guitar solo that is involved in this track is just absolutely stellar. I would definitely say that this was the perfect opening to a record, and a perfect opening introduction to the band as a whole for those who are maybe like me and don’t know what Chase Atlantic’s sound is all about.

I will say however, while I am absolutely vibing with most of this record and the tracks that are on it, I just cannot seem to get into ‘Please Stand By’. To me, it borders on a little too much of the rap side of things and personally I don’t generally listen to any rap at all because it’s just not my style, so I didn’t enjoy this one.

I could go in depth and go track by track, but to be honest I actually quite enjoyed the rest of the album as a whole — I found it to be almost a calm electronic undertone with hints of all kinds of musical influences and genres and I think that it will appeal to a wide range of music lovers out there so it would be hard to talk about everything in one go. I think that Beauty In Death is truly a well executed album from a group of home grown heroes so to speak. You can almost hear their music taste as much as you can still hear that strong Aussie accent in the vocals (yes, it really is audible).

I definitely do recommend this album to anyone who’s looking to expand their music taste, uncover a new band (and by new I mean new to YOU) or just looking for a new album to listen to instead of listening to the same few things on repeat every day on rotation — it’s okay, I’m guilty of it too.

Chase Atlantic – Beauty In Death Tracklisting

1. Paranoid
3. Out The Roof
4. Slide
5. Please Stand By (Feat. De’Wayne & Xavier Mayne)
6. Aleyuh
7. Molly
8. Call Me Back
9. I Think I’m Lost Again
10. Empty
11. Wasted
12. Beauty In Death

Rating: 7/10
Beauty in Death is out tomorrow through Fearless Records. Pre-order here
Review by Heather McNab

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