A Swift Farewell Provide The Feel-Good Melodies with New Bop ‘Mousetrap’

Sydney’s A Swift Farewell, Australia’s most fluid, culturally diverse band (love that South East Asian representation!), are back and showcasing a new lineup, with the band’s latest addition being guitarist Adriel Torres. Seems like the right move because if we’re going off of their latest single, this upcoming outfit are sounding as tight as ever.

Featuring a brilliantly put-together pop melody alongside a catchy hook through the chorus, ‘Mousetrap’ is the band’s strongest single to date. The track comes accompanied with an incredibly fun music video, and bassist Sarah Bonnet shares the song’s premise:

“’Mousetrap’ is about feeling trapped in a relationship in which you are not able to give some-one the time and attention they demand from you and feeling burnt out from trying. In the end, the person doesn’t notice they are asking too much from you and you feel yourself grow emotionally distant from them.”

Debuting on our Pop Punk Class of 2021 earlier this year with tracks like ‘The Fire’ and ‘Save Yourself’, there’s huge potential for A Swift Farewell to grow even more momentum off the back of this new bop too. There’s no question that these kids are well on their way to becoming hot contenders in the scene.

Words by Tamara May @citylightstam

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