PREMIERE: ‘Save Yourself’ with A Swift Farewell’s New Single!

The Australian pop punk landscape is looking pretty healthy right now, despite what 2020 has thrown at us this year. Sydney four-piece A Swift Farewell are the latest cab off the ranks and are set to quickly become your new favourites.

Following their hugely infectious pop punk anthem ‘The Fire’, the band are showing us their emo side this time around with brand new track ‘Save Yourself’. Inspired by the early days of Paramore and simmered in darker tones and melodies, A Swift Farewell are holding it together on this nostalgic emo anthem, whilst maintaining that catchiness we fell for previously.

To celebrate the release of ‘Save Yourself’, we caught up with this rising pop punk act from Sydney who are quickly following their peers Stand Atlantic and Yours Truly and turning heads everywhere we turn…

Hey guys! Tell us how A Swift Farewell came together…

Most of us actually had to audition to join the band: Emma, our vocalist, posted on Facebook that she was looking for band members. None of us knew her or knew each other but we all replied. She made us audition one by one to make sure we could play… and here we are.

Your new single ‘Save Yourself’ sees you guys exploring darker, moodier tones while still staying super catchy. Tell us more about this track?

Save Yourself, in essence, shows the darker side of ourselves that so many others have to face. Drawing on imagery of a relationship spiralling out of control, this self-deprecating view captures that feeling of complete loss of control with no desire of being brought back from the brink.

The song definitely is also on trend with what’s firing out of pop punk in Australia too. Who are your biggest musical inspirations right now?

Usually our favourite references are modern bands like Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly, Hot Milk… However, for this one we wanted to bring back some “2010’s emo vibes” so we listened to a lot of old Paramore, Sleeping with Sirens, The Getaway Plan…

Yes! You guys are my new best friends! Hot Milk are awesome right, such a great band out of the UK! So your first single ‘The Fire’ sounds like the perfect summer anthem! How’s the reaction been so far for that track?

The reaction has been amazing! A lot of people seemed to like how energetic it is! We did put a lot of energy and thought in both the song and the video and it’s amazing when people notice and appreciate it. The song got us our first two editorial playlist spots on Spotify which was huge for us!

Amazing! And you guys just played your first post-COVID gig with your fellow pop punkers Grenade Jumper. How does it feel to be playing in a live atmosphere again?

It felt great! Of course, it is a bit weird to play a seated show, especially when you are a pop punk or rock band. But on the other side, for most of the audience, it was the first live show back since COVID started. We could feel that people were keen and trying to make the most of it. As soon as we started playing a lot of people rushed in the room even though we were just the opener. We can’t wait to play again!

Now that gigs are slowly making their return, it’s gonna be hella easier to spread the word about your band and tunes. What’s your plan for this coming summer?

Hopefully, we will play a few more shows during the summer. We are already playing AM//PM this Saturday. We’re super excited to play ‘Save Yourself’, it’s our favourite song to play live! Apart from that, we will keep working on new music.

That’ll be a good time indeed. What would you say, is your biggest goal for 2021?

Play more shows and opening for more cool bands! And make music that people connect to!

And is there anything else we should know about A Swift Farewell?

In case you were wondering: yes, our name comes from a Neck Deep song.

I didn’t catch onto that, but I wonder if anyone else has! Thanks for chatting guys!

Interview By Tamara May (@citylightstam)

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