Booka Nile Drops Internet Friends’ New Song/Video ‘Faked It’

If you know Booka Nile for her musical projects more so than her appearance on MAFS then you’ll be all over this. If you’re not, let me catch you up…

When she’s not playing keys and singing melodic vocals whilst headbanging in Make Them Suffer, recent divorcee Booka Nile fronts her own indie rock group called Internet Friends. The band consists of her actual friends, bassist Dylan Brown, keyboardist Tarryn Gapic, lead guitarist/backup vocalist Emily Friend and drummer Abby Freeman and they’ve been doing the rounds for about two years now, releasing the singles ‘Get Wise‘ ‘Vibing‘ and ‘Conscience Clear‘ and piquing interest from genre-hopping fans who appreciate her musical talents and smarts.

When we asked Booka about the contrast between each of her projects, she revealed to us:

“I feel like my personality is consistent between MTS and IF but they bring out the different parts of who I am. Most of Internet Friends’ songs are satirical and use dark humour to address issues that I think are important or situations that have affected me.”

The dark humour is prevalent in the band’s new single ‘Faked It‘ which they’ve been teasing on social media for the better part of the past couple of months now and tonight Booka released the video exclusively via her Instagram! The video features Ms. Nile attempting to be swooned by a ravishing tattoo clad hottie sporting a moustache (hmmm!?) with none of his advances working. She, subtly, yet hilariously fakes an interest and the end result is a short, yet sweet song that’ll have you nodding and singing along in no time.

This is just the start of what Internet Friends have to offer us with more new material on the way:

“I have written about 30 songs for IF but they’re sitting in demo form until we get them recorded properly. As we start releasing all those tracks, I think what I’m saying here will definitely make more sense.”

We’re eagerly anticipating what’s next, until then, immerse yourself in their world.

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