Have You Sussed Booka Nile Of Make Them Suffer’s New Band Internet Friends?

Proving that you don’t need to just release heavy, mind-melting music if you’re in a heavy band yourself, Booka Nile, keyboardist/vocals for Make Them Suffer has debuted her new band, Internet Friends and the change in style is a massssive difference from her death/metalcore roots!

The band consisting of Booka, Dylan Brown, Marie Weedon and Taryn Gapic released their debut single last month called ‘Get Wise‘ and the hilarity of the music video proves just how much fun you can have when you’re not screaming your lungs out at full capacity!

On the band’s conception and musical direction, Ms Nile says:

Internet Friends came about because Dylan Brown and I were jamming a bunch. We started talking about how it would be interesting to flip the gender dynamic we were so used to in music and make an all girl band with one guy as opposed to my set up with MTS where it’s the literal opposite! Several months later and here we are! In terms of musical direction- I never really went into Internet Friends with a particular style or genre in mind. I started challenging myself by writing songs on guitar which isn’t usually what I do since I have always played piano! We’re shaping up to have this poppy/rocky/indie vibe and just letting our sound go where it wants to go.

When talking about the difference in writing for Make Them Suffer and Internet Friends, it seems you can’t compare the two as Booka adds:

I’d say they’re almost non-comparable. MTS is so intricate and technical and the songs are much harder to write overall however, I only contribute piano/synth and vocals to MTS tracks. With IF, the songs are much much simpler however, I’m the primary songwriter at this point so I have to put in a different type of creative energy into writing because I’m making IF’s songs from scratch. Also having always been a piano player, not a guitarist, that’s adding a whole new challenge for me haha!

Love Booka’s vocal performance and musical talent, but want to see her tackle a new genre? Give the below video a crack and check them out on Facebook and Instagram

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