Special Delivery From Vatic! Check Out New Track ‘Reaver’

Just over a month ago, Vatic dropped their song ‘Through The Eyes Of a Snake‘ which raised eyebrows and piqued our interest in what they’ve been working on and today, they upped their fucking game with their latest single ‘Reaver‘. Blending nasty riffs, heavy screams and some rather impressive cleans, this new offering is a welcomed surprise from the Melbourne five-piece.

When talking to us about ‘Reaver‘, vocalist Matt Payne revealed the inspiration and home-job recording process:

“Reaver is a story about someone reflecting upon their lives towards the end and not recognising what it is that defines them anymore, sending them into a mania. Inspired by stories I had heard of a friends journey through old age, dementia and psychosis. I felt that the emotions she spoke about tied well into the character that we were writing about at the time.

Lockdown left us with lots of room to grow creatively and were really stretching on the themes and concepts that are coming into play lyrically. It was also a lot of fun recording this one completely at home, screaming into the wardrobe, rather than spending time in the studio.”

If these lads aren’t on your radar… give yourself an uppercut!

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Stream ‘Reaverhere

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