Vatic Unleash New Track ‘Through The Eyes Of A Snake’

If you’ve been a long time supporter of Wall of Sound, you’d know about the folklore passing of the torch story arc which first began back in 2015 with Hellions (revisit that here). If you ain’t got time for that, let me get you up to speed…

Hellions stated Void of Vision were going to be the next big thing in Australian heavy music and BOOM not long after that, they certainly lived up to expectations. Once they signed with UNFD, we asked the Void of Vision lads who we should be keeping an eye on and they simultaneously said, “Thornhill”. At UNIFY 2019 it was Thornhill‘s time to predict the future and they hinted that we should be looking out for a small Melbourne band called Vatic

Today, Vatic has stepped the fuck up and into the spotlight with their new single ‘Through The Eyes Of A Snake‘ and it’s a certified banger! From the clear growls, through to the groove-a-licious breakdown, there’s something for every heavy music lover throughout this offering and if you’re just discovering the boys for the first time, welcome!

On the new song, vocalist Matt Payne dived deep into its origins, telling Wall of Sound:

“This song tells the story of the victim of a racially charged attack. Dinesh had come to Dylan and I and said that he had wanted to use this song as a platform to speak about how it feels, from a first-hand experience, to be subjected to hate over something that he never chose and didn’t define him as a person. After hearing what he had to say, we could see just how poisonous it was, not only to the person acting out of hate, but to the victim, and just how long the effects of a passing comment have.

We didn’t feel it was totally right for us to write about a character and story that was solely about experiencing racism; it’s something that we’re lucky enough to have never been directly subject to. But with everything Dinesh had given us to work with, we felt like a fitting analogy was a venomous snake bite – something that seemingly comes out of nowhere, from someone who is acting with malice out of a place of fear before hastily slithering away, and leaving the victim to feel the attack course through them in a crescendo and, like venom, leave them feeling sickly and pained.”

Just that comment alone gives you a glimpse inside the minds of Vatic and what they’re trying to do musically and lyrically. If you’re craving more, Matt gave us a little insight to what the band are working on moving forward, revealing:

“As far as what’s next for us, we really just wanna create. More music, more shows, more videos. It’s typical of us to take our time between releases, but I think coming out of a period of inactivity (not just us but the Australian music scene in general) has lit a fire under us and we’re very keen to go to work.”

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Stream ‘Through The Eyes Of A Snakehere

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