MAN ON MAN Unveil Debut Self-Titled Album + Drop New Song ‘1983’

MAN ON MAN is a band that I didn’t know I needed to hear until they just appeared and since then, life hasn’t exactly been the same. The duo is made up of real-life lovers Roddy Bottum (Faith No More) and Joey Holman (ex-Cool Hand Luke) who first hooked up only a few short months prior to releasing their controversial first single ‘DADDY‘ amidst the early stages of the pandemic.

From there, their musical creativity blossomed (as did their relationship) in quarantine and soon we’ll be able to hear the material they’ve made as they get set to release their debut, self-titled album on May 7th through Polyvinyl Records.

During my chat with the lads last year, Joey spoke about how the music they were making – which is inspired by their own relationship journey – was exclusively for the queer community to adopt:

“It’s actually 100% gay. There are plenty of love songs written and performed by bands or artists who sing about straight love and we couldn’t give a shit if people outside the gay world want to adopt it and make it a universal message.”

“Love certainly is universal, but gay love is specific, and the world needs to hear about love that exists under the rainbow.”

MAN ON MAN – Joey Holman and Roddy Bottum

I couldn’t agree more. The more we talk about it, the less “taboo” it’ll feel in certain friendship circles. So embrace ya gay mates! On the subject of becoming powerful voices for the LGBTQIA+, Roddy adds:

“It feels really powerful to be a voice to a community that doesn’t feel necessarily represented or spoken to. It was inspiring to hear from people and [we’ll be] moving forward in our music making with that in mind.”

MAN ON MAN are back again with single #3 titled ‘1983‘ and it’s a big ol’ indie pop-rock gay anthem with catchy synth, riffs and lyrically, it’s about the quality time spent with your significant other… or Scruff/Grindr hook up!

If you’re digging what you’re hearing so far, you can pre-order their forthcoming album and there’s a handful of vinyl variants for those of you who like collecting lots of different coloured spinny discs!

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MAN ON MAN – MAN ON MAN tracklisting

1. Stohner
2. Daddy
3. It’s So Fun (To Be Gay)
4. Beach House
5. 1983
6. Baby You’re My Everything
7. Two at a Time
8. Lover
9. Please Be Friends
10. Kamikaze
11. It Floated

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