Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum Debuts Quarantine Project MAN ON MAN With Boyfriend Joey Holman

For the most part, the LGBTI community in the heavy music scene is welcomed with open arms and supported with many gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and non-binary artists flouting their personas through their music and admired by the legion of fans they’ve accumulated along the way.

A new band to add to the collection is MAN ON MAN featuring Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum and his boyfriend Joey Holman who debuted their first song ‘Daddy‘ over the weekend which was written and had the music video filmed during self-isolation. It’s an electro-rock, homo-erotic belter that Roddy told Rolling Stone was created to represent the furry, bear/cub blokes in the gay scene who, for the most part, get overlooked because we’re not all clean cut:

“There’s enough representation in the gay community of young, hairless pretty men. It feels good to represent a faction of our culture that isn’t squeaky and manicured. Based on the ageist and homophobic responses posted in the comments section of a straight publication that ran our photo, I’m happy to be those faces on the queer map…”

He also commented ‘Daddy‘ was “a celebration of love in isolation” and at this point in time, who can argue against more of that!? As someone in the LGBTI scene who falls under their faction, I for one welcome the movement and hope to see more acts emerge after all of this pandemic ends, so we can add a few more acts to our side of the scene. Also, imagine a collaboration between MAN ON MAN and fellow openly gay metal man Rob Halford of Judas Priest! Instant win right there.

UPDATE: YouTube re-uploaded it!

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