Beartooth Have Released Aggressive (Remix/Remastered)

beartooth agressive remixed remastered

Santa has come to the rescue with one final good luck charm to see out 2020 with a bang and you better be ready for this! Caleb Shomo/Beartooth have released a Remixed/Remastered version of their 2016 sophomore album Aggressive which has breathed new life into the songs and (in some cases) giving them a heavier makeover in the process.

For example, in ‘Loser‘ an additional voice can be heard singing backup vocals during the chorus (like the song would sound when played in a live setting) whereas ‘King Of Anything‘ showcases how far Caleb’s clean vocals and yells have come in the past 4 years. There’s additional oomph in the drumming, both the album’s entire tracklisting and screams appear crisper and the riffs are sounding heavier and much more distorted than the first initial release. Also, the breakdown call in ‘Always Dead‘ sounds like a completely reworked song, but made angrier in the process and ‘Rock Is Dead’ is now a certified harrrrrd rock belter!

Its a weird experience revisiting this album. When I first reviewed it, I was going through one of the hardest mental health struggles I’ve ever faced, with the only thing getting me through that time being this band and their music. I’m in a much better place now and hearing these new renditions of those songs from that time in my life, it feels like a completely different band/person screaming the words back to me. Someone who is tighter, confident and much more mature in their instrumentals and audio production. 

Big time fans would have seen Beartooth dropping the new album as a special limited edition /500 vinyl last weekend alongside the debut release of their Sick EP on vinyl for the very first time. Both of which sold out in record time.

The band has 100% finished recording album #4 which is set for release some time in 2021. Shomo teased a heavy riff on one of the songs in studio not too long ago, and they debuted a new track titled ‘Fed Up during their recent drive-in live performance in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

2021 is going to be a huge year for the lads, start celebrating early with this offering.

Listen to Aggressive Remixed/Remastered here

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul 

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  1. Wait they re-recorded vocals too? I thought they just remixed them

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