Caleb Shomo Teases New RIFF HEAVY Beartooth Song

HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT. The new Beartooth album that’s getting released in 2021 is shaping up to be their heaviest yet as frontman Caleb Shomo has told us all several times via social media, but you can actually hear how heavy it’ll be via this teaser of a new song he put on his Instagram page… thanks for the tip off Ethan, you mad dog!

It’s no secret Shomo is a mad keen AC/DC fan and the riffs in this sound like they pay homage to the great Aussie band while the lyrics are more so from Tooth’s own universe:

Do you feel it / It’s rock bottom and you finally have a reason / It’s do or die / I’ll see you when you’re breathing

It’s definitely heavier compared to the band’s new track ‘Fed Up’ which they debuted during their Drive-In Concert last month (revisit that here) and now we have another reason for 2020 to fuck off quicker than it came so we can all feast our ears on this riff city track!

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