Andy Black’s American Satan/Paradise City Series is Coming to Amazon Prime in 2021

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If you’re new to the American Satan/Paradise City story, allow me to get you up to speed…

Back in 2017, a movie called American Satan was released which was about a band called The Relentless who sold their souls to the devil to make it big in LA (cliche I know). Andy Black (Black Veil Brides) played the role of lead singer Johnny Faust, however, due to label conflicts, Andy was unable to perform ANY of the songs in the movie (just the talking parts) so that’s where Palaye Royale made it big because frontman Remington Leith provided the vocal performance for Johnny during his on-stage performance scenes. Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce also starred in the movie as the character Leo Donovan. 

Following the success of the movie, it was announced way back in June that American Satan was going to be turned into a TV show called Paradise City which will feature a stack of musical guests including Lamb of God‘s Randy Blythe and Slipknot‘s Sid Wilson who will both be making cameos in the series alongside Bella Thorne, Drea De Matteo and Cameron Boyce in his final role after he tragically passed away last July following complications from an ongoing medical condition…

Sleeping with Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn will also make his acting debut in the series! We tried to get more info out of him about it during our interview with him in September, but he was very tight-lipped about the whole thing (including release dates and plot etc) only revealing to us:

“Acting in Paradise City really was a learning experience to memorise lines and make it seem like you’re that character, and I feel like I’ve got a long way to go still but I learnt a lot, just standing there in the background. I would show up when I wasn’t working, and just watch all the other amazing actors and actresses doing what they do best, and learning a lot. It’s something that I’d love to continue exploring, for sure.”

Fast forward to today and the Official Trailer has been released with the show set to air on Amazon Prime Video in March 2021. It shows Johnny (Andy Black) questioning his place in the band and the music industry and a little offspring of his popping up out of nowhere, so he’ll be dealing with that on top of The Relentless‘ rise to success. There’s a whole stack more that’s unclear for now, but you’ll be able to watch it all come to fruition next year!

Director, Ash Avildsen, dropped notes about the show announcing what inspired the conception:

More than one in four American kids grow up without a father in their home.

For kids that grow up with one parent, you can go on one of two paths: you can blame the world, your parents, blame God, blame lack of God, or it can light a fire under you that you’re gonna make it no matter what. Paradise City is the show made to inspire these millions of teenagers and young adults. It reminds us that there is no light without darkness, that sorrow and heartbreak can be the greatest drivers of art. It reminds us that there is always hope, that you are never alone and that music is always there if you let it be.

Almost everything in Paradise City is inspired by real events I have experienced growing up in an unorthodox single mom household as a kid estranged from his famous father and then my adult life becoming self-made in the ruthless music industry. Supernatural elements that have guided and misguided my life ever since moving to Los Angeles are also prevalent throughout the tale.

Considering how March 2020 went for us, this is a shining light on the future and something to look forward to at least!

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