PREMIERE: Gold Coast Pop Punk Heroes Skyway Are Back!!!!

Between the years of 2008 – 2012, Skyway reigned supreme on the Gold Coast as part of its thriving live music scene. They released two critically acclaimed albums with 2010’s Take These Days and 2011’s Finders Keepers as well as their iconic Nauesating Suburbia EP which was a staple in any pop punk fans’ collection (stream them all here).

They shared stages with the likes of Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction, Underoath, A Day To Remember, Tonight Alive, All Time Low, Heroes For Hire, and even scored the #1 Spot in our Top 7 Queensland Bands That Need A Comeback article way back in 2017… but like most of our predictions, that dream has finally become a reality with the announcement that in 2020, they’ve got back together again and not only have a new single called ‘Cut The Ties‘ which we’re premiering for you below, but a new EP on the way which we are sooooo stoked about. 

To celebrate the news, I caught up with frontman Dan McMaster to see what they’ve been up to, why they got back together again and to see how they’ve changed going into a new decade…

Skyway you crazy mofos, after all of this teasing and taunting us you’re finally back with new music! Dan, what’s going through your minds right now with this new material you’re about to unleash?

Just wondering if anyone still cares, haha. Probably went a bit overboard with the teasing but in all seriousness it feels good to make music again and hope it puts some smiles on some faces in 2020.

We care and that’s all that should count hahaha Give us a rundown from the last time we spoke, what’s the band been up to and why’d you all decide to join forces again?

Well we jammed like 3.5 times last year and wrote a couple songs, thought fuck it let’s record this and see how it comes out, now here we are.

The new single ‘Cut The Ties’ is just like old Skyway with a touch of maturity, what’s the mentality like in the band going into a new decade?

We are all still massive dickheads, so not much changed there, but I suppose everything evolves eventually, especially after 9 years since we released any material, but it’s fun and it’s always been about the fun for us, playing it all by ear at the moment and looking forward to playing some shows and bringing the energy.

And from what we’ve heard, this is just a taste of what’s to come. Can we expect more pop punk bangers from you all or have you got something special you’ve been working on?

We’ve got a couple things up the sleeve, I think now more then ever we are moving into our own sound and exploring that area. There’s always room for a banger.

You came up the ranks alongside Parkway Drive, Tonight Alive and Amity back in the day, does it ever cross your mind where you’d be if you kept going hard with the music making?

Not really, things happen, people and circumstances change and life goes on, no regrets

The Gold Coast’s music scene died a little when you guys took that extended hiatus, do you think it’s a lot harder to stage a comeback like this nowadays? 

I think any comeback after nearly 10 years is hard enough, throw in a pandemic on top and you’ve got quite the shit storm, but we love it, I really couldn’t think of a better time to do it, fuck it.

Great mentality to have. Are you doing anything different compared to the early Skyway days?

Heaps less bongs

That probably helps hahaha ‘Cut The Ties’ is your comeback single, what’s this one all about?

It’s about disconnecting from the aspects of your life that do you no good, but still feeling like you need to hang on even though you feel the pain.

I think we can all relate to that right about now. What’s next for the band that we have to look out for?

We have an EP out on November 20th called ‘Hope Floats, Love Sinks and hopefully will announce some shows TBA

Fuck yeah, can’t wait for everything you lads have to offer. Anything else to add my man?

Thanks to Browny and the WOS crew, and everyone that supported us over the years, feels good to be back.

The feeling is mutual Dan!

Interview by Browny (@brownypaul)

Skyway are Dan McMaster (Vocals), Rohan Chant (Guitar), Daniel Hawkins (Vocals & Guitar),
Rupert Muir (Bass) and the iconic Ben Hallett (Drums).

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Pre-Save Hope Floats, Love Sinks here

Skyway - Hope Floats, Love Sinks

SkywayHope Floats, Love Sinks tracklisting

1. Above Snakes
2. Cut The Ties
3. Heart Anchor
4. Glasshouse
5. The Day You Went Away

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