Seaway Unveil New Single ‘Wild Things’

Last month, Canadian pop punk act Seaway made their long awaited return with their smashing new single ‘Big Vibe’ and announced that their forthcoming new album by the same name will be released next month. The band are following up their huge track with a slightly more mellowed out vibe. 

While it does kick off with a distorted guitar riff that shows potential, ‘Wild Things’ definitely didn’t hit us on the same level as the title track did. In saying that though, it’s still very much Seaway and kinda hits you in the feels of a summery love song. They’re really honing in on that 90’s nostalgic rock era thing, yet it’s still showing a very fresh sound for the band. ‘Wild Things’ is still a vibe for any fan of the band who’s been missing them since 2017’s Vacation.

Seaway’s new album, Big Vibe is out October 16th via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order here


Seaway – Big Vibe tracklisting:

1. Brain In a Jar
2. Big Vibe
3. Mrs. David
4. Still Blue
5. Wild Things
6. Pathetic
7. Sweet Sugar
8. Peach
9. If You Let Me
10. Wicked
11. Sick Puppy

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