Grenade Jumper Drop New Single ‘The Power You Flaunted’

Sydney’s Grenade Jumper are finally hitting back after the successful release of their single ‘Heat Wave’ earlier this year (for real though, one of the best songs from an Australian band this year!) and are following that up with an alt/rock ripper of a tune, ‘The Power You Flaunted’. The tune sees the young Sydney rockers turning a brash, dark leaf on their quite bubbly pop punk sound and whoaaaa, this new single is even bigger than ‘Heat Wave’. 

Emanating an anthemic rock sound we only tend to hear from pop punk powerhouses Tonight Alive, frontwoman Bianca Davino highlights how the song was initially inspired by a Lorde song and sheds some light on the lack of trust we have on leaders of authority:

“This song focuses on generational distrust, propelled by losing faith in the leaders — both political and within the arts world — who failed to take care of us like they promised. It’s about tearing away the facade that they exist behind, and outing them from their positions of power.

I’ve been wanting to write a song like this ever since I heard the lyric, “all of our heroes fading, now I can’t stand to be alone” in the Lorde song ‘Perfect Places’. That song was released just as the MeToo movement began to pick up steam and it felt so relevant because I think it was the first time as a generation, especially in the music world, we started to see our heroes crumble and experience that betrayal. 

“The Power You Flaunted culminates that sense of hurt and frustration, and was written in a flurry of reflection on the movement, as well as the general state of the world in early 2020. We’re very proud of this track, because more than anything, it showcases how we’ve developed artistically and as musicians over the last year. We wanted to make a loud statement with it, and I believe we achieved that.”

The track definitely shows huge progression in Grenade Jumper’s short musical career, who are yet to release an EP. However, the band are set to release a 2-track EP titled What’s Left When It All Falls Down on October 2nd featuring ‘The Power You Flaunted’ and another new track ‘Breathe In’. Expect these kids to continue building momentum though, because like their fellow Sydneysiders, Grenade Jumper are setting themselves up for huge opportunities. 

Grenade Jumper’s new EP, What’s Left When It All Falls Down is out October 2nd.

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