Grenade Jumper Turns Up The Heat on New Single ‘Heat Wave’

Australian pop punk just turned up the heat real good with this new addition! Riding straight outta Sydney, Grenade Jumper are set to take over your headphones with their brand new single ‘Heat Wave’. The band radiate an infectious new energy that’s usually attained by bands like State Champs and fellow Sydneysiders Stand Atlantic. Releasing ‘Heat Wave’ at the perfect time, the track produces a huge empowering bout of youthful positive energy and frontwoman Bianca Davino has a few words to include about their new banger:

“Heat Wave is ultimately about hope and acceptance – that positive energy is what we strive to exude as a band. Lyrically the song is about empowering yourself to understand the beauty in all aspects of life, and we really aimed to channel that drive and brightness in the instrumental.”

If this song is anything to go by, it’s best to keep tabs on Grenade Jumper as they set to take the lead in Australian pop punk upcomers.

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