“Bullet Got Very Stale… It Just Got Boring” Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas Talks Leaving BFMV For Kill The Lights

kill the lights - chasing shadows review

It’s been two years since Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas departed Bullet For My Valentine and late last year, he resurfaced with his next project Kill The Lights, a metal supergroup which he said was formed out of pure boredom:

“When I parted company with the old band, musically I was just sitting around doing fuck all and realised I had worked too hard and come too far to turn around…”

This new band featuring Moose on drums, James Clark (ex-Throw The Fight) on vocals and Jordan Whelan (Still Remains) + Travis Montgomery (ex-Threat Signal) on guitars is fire and harks back to the earlier, heavier metal tones of BFMV‘s career. Their debut album The Sinner is out tomorrow (our review here) and if you missed it we caught up with Moose and quizzed him about his departure from a globally recognised band like Bullet, in favour for this new entity, and he didn’t hold back, telling our very own Ricky Aarons:

“Bullet got very stale you know, after the third album we were trying to get a bit of cash because, you know, it is your job –  but it just got boring”

Turns out he wasn’t a fan of the band’s radio rock/mainstream direction on their album Temper Temper and that was one of the reasons why he wanted to jump ship:

“It was just too safe with Bullet. We started recording our fourth album Temper Temper and we were just writing for radio, which is definitely the wrong thing to do. When I joined Kill The Lights, we were just like ‘fuck radio, we have our own sound’. I grew up with a lot of punk rock and none of that is on the radio.”

“We just enjoy what we’re playing and that’s where we are at the moment, just being ourselves.” – Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas on Kill The Lights‘ motivation

There’s nothing wrong with following your passion and if it’s heavier than your last, it’s guaranteed to bring over a few of the fans who appreciated the earlier sounds and want to keep that memory alive.

Pre-order The Sinner here


Kill The Lights – The Sinner tracklisting

1. Shed My Skin
2. The Faceless
3. Watch You Fall
4. Through The Night
5. Open Your Eyes
6. Plagues
7. Tear Me Apart
8. The Enemy
9. Sober
10. Rest
11. Unmoved

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