Meet Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas’ new heavy metal supergroup, Kill The Lights!

Bullet For My Valentine fans have been counting down the days to see what former drummer Michael ‘Moose’ Thomas was up to after he departed the band in 2016, but now, we’ve finally get to see (and hear) what he’s been working on with his new metal supergroup Kill The Lights.

First of all the band features frontman James Clark (Throw The Fight), guitarists Jordan Whelan (Still Remains) and Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal), bassist Davey Richmond (Glamour Of The Kill) with ‘Moose‘ on the kit who explained the idea for the band came about out of boredom:

“When I parted company with the old band, musically I was just sitting around doing fuck all and realised I had worked too hard and come too far to turn around… I thought I’d get in touch with Jordan and sent him a text asking, ‘Got any riffs or what?!’ Before I knew it, he had sent me 30 or 40 songs. I was like, ‘Erm, okay!’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Of those riffs, the band released their debut single ‘The Faceless‘ this week, which was the song that frontman James Clark auditioned with and something that he was passionate about getting behind the mic for:

“We all want to do something fresh, and for me it was about exploring some of the throwback metal more like Maiden or Priest that I felt had gotten lost over the years, but in a new way. ’The Faceless’ is a song for those that have spent their lives in the shadows, never felt good enough, or just struggled to fit in or feel a part of something. The song is a message to the broken… it’s time to be seen, it’s time to be heard. From darkness to light we are all the same – we are the faceless.”

If you loved the heavier, faster and more metal themes from BFMV, then this band is going to be right up your alley. Take a listen below and try to not bash your head up and down whilst doing so…

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