Static-X Release New Song ‘All These Years’ With Wayne Static’s Vocals!

Firstly, Static-X have pushed back their upcoming album Project Regeneration Vol 1. to July 10th which features their stellar return to form songHollow‘ and the final vocal recordings from the late Wayne Static

But today, we get to hear their next single from it ‘All These Years‘ which also has Wayne’s vocals throughout, news that’s going to send fans into an absolute frenzy, especially with the music video which continues the band’s homage to Wayne as drummer Ken Jay revealed:

“It’s very challenging to represent someone in a music video, who is no longer alive, but that was something that we really wanted to do and I think it came out great… These are some of Wayne’s last works, so we really wanted to make this video all about him and to continue to celebrate his life and legacy. What better way to do that than through a fun, fictional story about how Wayne was inspired to become the legend that who he became through STATIC-X.”

Bassist Tony Campos gave fans an update on the release revealing:

“The album is 100% complete… We are just waiting for the manufacturing to resume. We have been given word that all is finally in production, so we are excited to get this out to the fans.”

If you missed it, we had Tony Campos join our podcast last year to chat all about their return and the new album’s conception and the making of process. Revisit that chat right here. Also, the band made their return to Australia for their Wisconsin Death Trip Anniversary Wayne Static Memorial Tour in 2019. Check out our Brisbane coverage here

If you’re keen, pre-orders are taking place here

static x pr vol 1

Static-X – Project Regeneration Vol 1. tracklisting

1. Road to Hell
2. Something of My Own
3. Terminator Oscillator
4. Hollow
5. Disco Otsego
6. All These Years
7. Bled for Days – re-record with Xer0
8. Push It – re-record with Xer0

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