Suicide Silence’s Mark Heylmun On Vocalist Eddie Hermida’s Critics: “It’s So Hard For Him…He Gets So Much Shit”

As Suicide Silence gear up for the release of their latest, return to heavy offering Become The Hunter (our review here) we were lucky to have a sit down chat with lead guitarist Mark Heylmun all about it to get you keen for what’s to come.

During Wall of Sound writer Genevieve Gao‘s interview, the topic turned to criticisms the band faced with their last self-titled album which featured new frontman Hernan “Eddie” Hermida taking the reigns from the late Mitch Lucker and oh boy did everyone have something to say about that release and the man in question.

As Mark discussed, poor Eddie copped it from all angles:

“It’s so hard for him, being the dude coming in after Mitch (Lucker) and he gets so much shit, whether it’s positive or negative he gets so much shit!”

The conversation turned to the aforementioned album they released which was slammed by fans and critics alike, unfortunately, something that Eddie copped most of the flack for, but as it turns out, it wasn’t just his fault as Mark admits:

“And to speak on the last record, everyone 100% blamed him for like, it not being what they wanted it to be, but it’s like, it was a group effort too, it wasn’t just all Eddie’s fault…”

“Eddie has to have the thickest skin and be like 100%, boots on the ground trooper to like deal with his role in this band”. – Mark Heylmun on frontman Hernan “Eddie” Hermida

But, there’s a glimmer of hope for old fans who have been dying to hear the band return to the heaviness that made them a household name with Mark stating some of Eddie’s best work will be heard on the upcoming release:

“…on this record, there’s so many parts throughout the record that his vocals just give me chills they’re insane. I think its the best that he’s ever been captured on anything he’s ever done”

Are you keen to hear it or have you parted ways from Suicide Silence?

Become The Hunter is out February 14 via Nuclear Blast.
Pre-Order here

suicide silence - become the hunter

Suicide Silence – Become The Hunter tracklisting

1. Meltdown
2. Two Steps
3. Feel Alive
4. Love Me To Death
5. In Hiding
6. Death’s Anxiety
7. Skin Tight
8. The Scythe
9. Serene Obscene
10. Disaster Valley
11. Become The Hunter

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